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When it comes to choosing a powerful truck, Ford F150 is one of the best options. But with so many options available, you might need clarification about deciding between the crew cab and the extended cab. Which one should be your next truck?

The main difference is that the crew cab is longer and offers more passenger capacity than an extended cab. Crew cab offers 6 passengers capacity, more rear legroom space, larger rear doors, and long exterior length. In comparison, the extended cab offers more cargo bed length and is affordable.

However, besides these, you will find some more differences between the ford f150 crew cab vs extended cab. Here, I will explore the possible differences between them. Let’s come to the topic.

Quick Overview

Highlighted FeaturesCrew CabExtended Cab
Passenger Capacity6 passengers5 passengers
Rear LegroomMore spaceLess space
Cargo Bed LengthShorterExtended
Rear Door DesignLargerShorter
Exterior LengthLongerShorter

Ford F150 Crew Cab Overview

The Ford F150 crew cab is a versatile pickup truck known for its spaciousness and practicality. It offers ample seating for passengers and a roomy cargo bed. Its secure stepping surface provides a better option for entry and exit. 

Its COMNOVA pair running board Nerf bar ensures easy access to the cabin. The cab has extended features to provide enough passenger seating space, making it fit for long trips.

The Pros:

  • It offers more capacity for passengers
  • Excellent designed larger rear doors for easy entry and exit of passengers
  • Look more prominent on the road due to its large size
  • Excellent stepping for safe entry and exit
  • More space for rear legroom ensure comfortable seating

The Cons:

  • Low capacity of cargo beds
  • Expensive

Customer Reviews & Feedback:

Customers have positive reviews about the Ford f150 crew cab. They claimed that it is best for long trips. Offers an accessible accommodation for more passengers to sit comfortably. 

One of the customers praised its running boards; he said he found its boards helping in fast and secure shipping. Furthermore, their installation is easy and takes a few minutes to finish. However, only some customers complained about its shorter length of cargo beds.

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Ford F150 Extended Cab Overview

The Ford f150 extended cab can be a nice pickup truck. It offers plenty of features to make it suitable for friends or family trips. It offers a good space for passengers and extended beds for cargo. Its side step bar running boards are excellent. 

They ensure a convenient entry and exit for passengers. The F-150 boasts impressive towing and hauling capabilities, making it suitable for various tasks. However, due to the tough rear legroom and rear doors, there may be better choices for long trips.

The Pros:

  • It offers good capacity for passengers
  • Excellent side step bar running boards
  • Larger cargo beds offer more space for cargo
  • Excellent for towing and hauling
  • Best for medium size families

The Cons:

  • Smaller legroom makes it hard to sit comfortably on a long journey
  • Smaller rear doors make it tough to enter and exit

Customer Reviews & Feedback:

Customers submitted good reviews about the Ford f150 extended cab. One of the customers praised its longer cargo beds for easily putting maximum luggage. Its performance for towing and hauling is also exceptional. 

It performs well in outdoor activities. However, it needs improvement in seating capacity. Rear doors are shorter, making entering hard, especially in emergencies. Manufacturers should make improvements to make it a more comfortable cab.

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Ford f150 Crew Cab vs Extended Cab

ford f150 crew cab vs extended cab

Passenger Capacity:

Passenger capacity is an essential feature of the cabs. When compared, F150 Crew can with extended cab crew cab has more passenger capacity. It can accommodate up to 6 passengers easily. 

The crew cab has a full-size rear seating area to provide enough space. On the other hand, extended cab usually has smaller rear seating. It has less capacity than a crew cab. In an extended can only 5 passengers can sit. 

Rear Legroom:

The rear legroom feature is essential because it contributes to comfort when a passenger sits inside a cab. In the rear legroom feature crew cab is the winner. It offers space between the legs in the back seat for comfortable seating. 

In comparison, the extended cab has less space in the rear legroom. Because of that feature, crew cabs may be more suitable for long journeys than extended cabs.

Cargo bed length:

Surely cargo bed length affects the performance of a cab. Both of the vehicles come with different cargo bed lengths. Here the extended cab is better than the crew cab. The crew cab has a shorter cargo bed length than the extended cab. So passengers can have enough space for cargo hauling in extended cabs.

Rear Door design:

In terms of rear door design, both of the cabs are different. Crew cab offers four doors that are the same as the front door. So they make it easy to access the seating area. 

While the extended cab comes with rear-hinged doors known as ” suicide doors.” These doors are smaller and open in opposite directions, which may limit the entry and exit of rear passengers in the cab.

Exterior Length:

The exterior length of a vehicle refers to its overall length from bumper to bumper. In general, the Crew Cab is longer in exterior length compared to the Extended Cab. The longer length of the Crew Cab contributes to its increased passenger space and potentially provides a more substantial presence on the road.


The price of the Ford F150 Crew Cab and Extended Cab models can vary. Generally, the Crew Cab tends to be more expensive than the Extended Cab due to its larger size and additional features. However, pricing may also depend on factors such as trim level, engine options, and available technology.

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Why Should You Choose a Crew Cab or Extended Cab?

Crew Cab:

  • Crew cabs offer ample room for both passengers and cargo
  • With more legroom and headroom, crew cabs enhance occupants’ comfort during long drives or commutes.
  • The additional seating capacity of a crew cab allows for more flexibility
  • Crew cabs equipped with advanced safety features, such as additional airbags and reinforced structures
  • Crew cabs are in high demand and may offer higher resale value than others.

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Extended Cab:

  • The extended cab is typically less expensive than the crew cab
  • The extended cab’s smaller size and lighter weight can result in better fuel efficiency
  • With a shorter wheelbase, extended cabs are easier to maneuver and park in tight spaces
  • Extended cabs have a higher towing capacity than crew cabs, 
  • Extended cabs have a sleek and stylish appearance

Which One is Better: Ford f150 Crew Cab or Extended Cab?

Both cabs are good and offer benefits and drawbacks. However, the Ford F150 Crew Cab is generally better than the Extended Cab. The Crew Cab offers more passenger capacity, superior rear legroom, and a convenient rear door design.

While the Extended Cab has a longer cargo bed length, offering more space for cargo hauling. However, the Crew Cab is generally more expensive due to its size and features than the extended cab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much is ford f-150 crew cab length?

The length of the Ford F-150 Crew Cab varies depending on the model year and specific configuration. However, on average, the Ford F-150 Crew Cab has a length of approximately 231-243 inches, accommodating spacious seating and cargo capacity.

How much is ford f150 crew cab towing capacity?

The Ford F-150 crew cab’s towing capacity may vary due to engine capacity. However, the maximum towing capacity for the latest models is around 13,000 pounds. It makes it a capable truck for hauling heavy loads.

How much is ford f150 crew cab weight?

The weight of a Ford F-150 crew cab can vary depending on the specific model and configuration. On average, the weight of a Ford F-150 crew cab ranges from approximately 4,800 to 5,500 pounds.

How long is the Ford f150 extended cab?

Depending on the model, you may see some variation in the length of the Ford F150 extended cab. However, its average length can be between 231 to 243 inches. 


Ford f150 cabs have better passenger capacities and longer cargo beds. They are perfect for long journeys. However, fewer differences may make one cab better than the other in specific conditions. 

Ford f150 is an expensive cab with superior features and is considered one of the best cabs for long-distance traveling. However, the Ford f150 extended cab can be a good option for those with less budget. Whatever cab you have, they need care and maintenance for better performance.

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