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Your driving experience will be worse if you find that the ford sync radio has no sound. Most of the time, you can fix it without much effort if you know how to fix the ford sync radio no sound.

Fixing the ford sync radio sound system is nothing but a step-by-step solution.

  • Firstly, you need to identify why your ford sync radio system isn’t working.
  • Collect the things you need to start fixing the radio sound.
  • Start fixing  and follow the proper guideline (targeted to the real problem)
  • Reset the radio set to play the sounds.

You need to go through these possible points to troubleshoot the ford sync radio with no sound. Read on.

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What are the causes of ford’s radio turns on but no sound?

ford sync radio no sound

Your ford sync radio can be with no sound because of several reasons. I have listed the top 5 reasons with their solutions for quickly fixing the radio sound problem

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Things you need: 

  • Dead Battery
  • Worn-out fuse
  • Faulty Volume knob
  • Outdated software
  • No Syncing

5 Possible Problems and Solutions:

Reason 1: Dead Battery

Are you experiencing ford sync not playing sound? A dead battery can be the major culprit for the ford ranger radio turning on but with no sound. The dead battery failed the entire volume control system.

Battery power and voltage gradually proceed to use over time. If you have a dead battery, you cannot play the sound. 


The solution to a dead battery is quite simple. You ensure that your battery has low voltage or bad. You will need a digital multimeter to check the voltage.

  • Connect the battery with a multimeter and check the reading. If it is lower than 12v, your battery has a low voltage.
  • Put the battery on charging, leave it for a few minutes, and recheck it.
  • If it is still showing less than 12v, you have a bad battery that needs replacement.
  • Arrange for the Replacement of the battery to get rid of the ford focus radio turns on, but no sound problem.

Reason 2: Worn-out Fuses

If you have burnt fuses, it will not allow the passage of power. Ultimately the power circuit will disconnect. If the power runs out, you will experience the ford kuga radio turning on but no sound.


Identifying and fixing the worn-out fuse problem is so easy.

Check the facility’s light; if you see the lights are dim, you have a worn-out fuse. You may repair the fuse, but I will not recommend you for the repair.

You should replace the worn-out fuse as a permanent solution for the ford escape radio turned on but with no sound.

But ensure you have chosen a similar fuse as the old one. Read the user manual to find the best and most compatible fuse.

Reason 3: Faulty Volume Knob

Do not forget to check the volume knob. If you have an issue with the volume knob, there is a maximum chance you will experience ford fiesta radio turns on but no sound.

Over time the knob becomes dirty and sticky. A faulty volume knob will cause no sound from speakers.


  • First, try the cleaning. You can use a plastic bristle brush and tissue to clean the dust and dirt.
  • Recheck the volume; if you see the volume knob is not working, replace it to eliminate the problem.
  • While replacing the volume knob, ensure you have found the exact carbon copy of the old one. Otherwise, you may experience low performance or sound problems.

Reason 4: Outdated Software

Many do not consider this and call the professionals when the experience ford f150 radio turns on, but there is no sound.

Outdated software can be the culprit for no sound. Software developers continuously update the features. You may experience problems like no sound if you do not update it.


  • Developers send notifications for a software update when they add new features. So, keep checking to maintain updated software. If you forget to check the notifications, do not worry.
  • Check the software; if there is an update message, click on update to update and access new features.
  • After updating your ford sync outdated software, the problem will be solved. Do not forget to sync the updated software.

Reason 5: No Syncing

Finally, check for the syncing. If you do not sync the ford radio, you may experience such a sound issue.


You cannot identify the error until you switch off the cell phone and try the sync again. After the new sync process is completed, you can play the sound.

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Guide on Master Reset on ford sync radio no sound

Master Reset on ford sync radio no sound

If you have checked all the above problems, but the problem still exists? No worry, Master resetting process can help you.

Steps to follow Master Reset on ford sync radio no sound:

Step 1: Delete the Sync

Use your phone and go to its set menu. Select Bluetooth and then select “Sync” to delete it.

Step 2: Go to Sync Settings

Hit the Menu button after opening the Sync Screen. Keep the down arrow key pressed until sync settings appear. Once settings appear, select and press the “OK.”

Step 3: Complete Master Reset

Wait until the next menu appears; in the next menu, press the down button and wait for the Master reset menu. Press the “OK.”

You will get a message for confirmation; select “yes” to complete the master reset process.

Step 4: Sync Again

Once the master reset process is completed, pair your phone to Sync again. Check the volume problem will be removed.

Any More Questions?

01. How to quickly fix a 2000 ford mustang radio that turns on but has no sound?

 Before detailed checking for the solution:

  1. Check out the ford sync radio settings.
  2. Ensure the audio source is selected correctly and you have connected the correct input device.
  3. Check the mute option; you may have muted the radio.

02. How to quickly reset the ford sync radio with no sound?

To reset the system, press the hold and audio unit power buttons until you see a black screen. Leave it for three minutes to entirely reset the system and turn it on.

03. What is the most occurring cause for my 2004 ford f150 radio coming on but no sound?

 Your radio comes on, but no sound problem can happen for several reasons. But the sudden blockage of sound only occurs when you have a blown fuse. When power is inconsistent, the fuse is blown and protects the other system.

04. How do I know the fuse is blown?

Separate the fuse from the system by unscrewing it. Check out the fuse wires. You blow a fuse if you see a visible gap among the wires, metallic or dark smear inside the glass.

Concluding Thoughts

Ford sync radio no sound is undoubtedly a major concern if you are a radio lover. But don’t worry; you have many ways to fix the problem.

If you cannot identify any physical damage, a master reset would be the final solution to get rid of the problem. If you still have the issue, call the certified ford sync technician to solve the problem permanently.

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  1. I really need some Help
    Concerning no Sound when I turn on my Radio
    I don’t know what to do
    Do you think if I take it to Fords Dealerships
    That they can solve the Problem
    I have a Ford 2014

    1. No sound from the radio can be a bummer! Before heading to the dealership, try checking the fuses related to the audio system. If that doesn’t work, the dealership is a good next step. They have the expertise to diagnose and fix the issue with your 2014 Ford.
      Good luck!

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