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The ignition switch controls the vehicle’s central electrical system. A faulty ignition switch can make your Chrysler 300 driving experience worse. What are the solutions? If you are facing Chrysler 300 ignition switch problems,

Dirt in the ignition switch and electrical issues are the major culprits for the ignition switch problems. The switch needs to be cleaned, and the electrical connections and wires need to be repaired. However, you may also benefit from looking for issues with a dead battery, an ignition cylinder, or a stuck key. 

I’ll include a few quick fixes below to help you keep your drive hassle-free.

Symptoms of 2007 Chrysler 300 Ignition Switch Problems

Here is a list of common symptoms of a faulty ignition switch on a Chrysler 300.

  • Difficulty in starting your car
  • Unexpected engine shut-off or sudden engine stalling
  • Problems with turning the key
  • Key insertion issues
  • Warning light or message for ignition switch on the screen
  • Accessories such as lights or radio power issues
  • A burning smell or smoke near the ignition
  • Engine misfires

Causes of Chrysler 300 Ignition Switch Problems

Your ignition switch may become erratic due to the following reasons.

  • Key Stuck in the Ignition
  • Dirt in the ignition switch
  • Electrical Issues
  • Dead Battery
  • Ignition Cylinder Problems

Chrysler 300 Ignition Switch Problems and Solutions

Chrysler 300 ignition switch problems
Trouble starting your Chrysler 300? Learn about common ignition switch issues for a smoother ride. Simple solutions to keep driving!

Problem 1: Key Stuck in the Ignition

Key stuck is one of the most probable causes of an ignition switch problem. A stuck key does not allow the key to turn and fails to ensure contact between the electrical components to generate a spark for sparking the engine. You may be unable to remove the stuck key. A key can get stuck due to wear or tear.


  • Park your vehicle and engage the parking brake. Now, wear the gloves and disconnect the battery because you may be unable to switch off the ignition with a stuck key issue. 
  • Once the battery is disconnected, remove the steering column covers. For the lower column, you will need a screwdriver to loosen the screws.
  • Open the ignition switch; you will see the release pin or button holding the key. Gently press that pin; the key will release as you press the button.
  • Remove the key and inspect the key for physical damage. Also, check the ignition switch and ensure it is okay and adequately lubricated. Once all issues are fixed, insert the key and ensure the ignition switch works.

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Problem 2: Dirt in the Ignition Switch

Poor maintenance causes dirt or moisture accumulation in the ignition switch. Over time, it causes corrosion or wear and tear. It also restricts the key to turning. If a key struggles to turn, you will experience issues starting your vehicle.


  • Disconnect your battery and ensure no power is flowing through electrical components.
  • Then, remove the columns and locate the ignition switch.
  • Inspect it for dirt or moisture. If there is dirt, remove it and use a cleaner to remove the corrosion. For ignition switch cleaning, I recommend NEIKO 53730A Portable Car Vacuum cleaner. It quickly removes stains, corrosion, and dust.
  • Once cleaned, reassemble all parts and test the ignition switch. Make sure the switch works fine.

Problem 3: Electrical Issues

Electrical issues such as loose connections, poor wiring, or broken or burnt wires can cause ignition switch issues in Chrysler 300.  Due to such problems, an ignition switch becomes erratic to start the engine properly.


  • Disconnect your car’s battery and remove the steering column covers. 
  • Now remove the ignition switch bolts and access the switch wiring harnesses.
  • First, check for burned or broken wires and repair them if needed.
  • Next, look for the correct connections and ensure the wires are connected to the power source.
  • Finally, check for loose connections and ensure no connection should be loose. If you see a connection is loose, tighten it.
  • Once done, reassemble the ignition switch and test to ensure the problem has been fixed.

Problem 4: Dead Battery

A dead car battery can cause ignition switch failure in the Chrysler 300. When a battery dies, there is no power to ignite the switch, which makes it hard to start the car. You will need to replace the dead battery to start the engine.


  • Before replacing your car battery, first ensure the battery is dead.
  • Open your car’s hood and disconnect the battery terminals.
  • Remove the battery and test it using a multimeter. Make sure you have a quality digital multimeter. I recommend AstroAI Digital Multimeter for your Chrysler 300.
  • Check the voltage; if the voltage is 12.4, the battery has no issue, but if the voltage is less, put the battery on recharge. Recheck it after half an hour if the voltage is 12.4 V; your battery has no issue. But if it is still low, your battery is dead.
  • Take a new battery and install it in your car. Once installed, connect its terminals and test the ignition switch. Make sure there is no issue.

Problem 5: Ignition Cylinder Problems

Ignition Cylinder Problems
faulty ignition cylinder

A faulty ignition cylinder can disrupt ignition switch problems. It is responsible for engaging the electrical connections, but it may fail to engage due to issues. You may need help with starting the engine. It requires the engine cylinder to be replaced.


  • Remove the ignition switch steering covers, and then access the ignition switch.
  • Now remove the ignition switch and look at its back; you will see the ignition cylinder. 
  • Physically inspect it; if it is broken, replace it. Make sure you have a compatible ignition cylinder. I recommend the Ignition Key Switch Lock Cylinder for your Chrysler 300.
  • Mount the new ignition cylinder and connect it properly.
  • Reassemble the ignition systems.
  • Once done, test and ensure that your ignition switch is okay.

Chrysler 300 Ignition Switch Replacement

Replacing the ignition switch on the Chrysler 300 can be very easy if you follow my instructions below.

  • First, park your vehicle and disconnect the battery.
  • Taking off the covers over the steering column to reveal the ignition switch.
  • Take off the switch and the ignition switch bolts.
  • Now disconnect the electrical connections and remove the ignition switch.
  • Set it aside, take the new ignition switch, and mount it.
  • Once mounted, reconnect the wires and then reassemble the switch system.
  • Test and ensure you have done your job accurately.

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Chrysler 300 Ignition Switch Replacement Cost

The Chrysler 300 ignition switch replacement cost may vary depending on ignition quality and replacement parts. On average, the cost of its replacement can be between $157 and $300 dollars. But if you take professional services, the cost may rise to a hundred dollars.

Chrysler 300 Ignition Switch Recall

The Chrysler 300 ignition switch recall means Chrysler is offering a safety campaign for its vehicles with faulty ignition switches. If any of their cars have a defective ignition switch, they will be repaired for free. If you have an issue and want to avail yourself of this offer, follow the steps below.

  • Visit Chrysler’s website or dealership and claim the recall service.
  • Provide them with your VIIN for verification; if the number is verified, you will be provided with a free ignition switch recall service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What would make a Chrysler 300 not start?

There can be many reasons for a Chrysler 300 not to start. But here, I have mentioned a few major problems that may restrict your Chrysler 300 from starting. 
01. Dead battery
02. Alternator Problem
03. Ignition switch issue
04. Low engine oil

Where is the reset button located on a Chrysler 300?

The reset button for resetting the Chrysler 300 software is located on the dashboard. It is located near the speedometer or infotainment system. However, the exact location in Chrysler may vary depending on model year.

What is the most common problem with the Chrysler 300?

If you have a Chrysler 300, you may experience the following common issues.
01. Jarring noises from the engine
02. Oil sludge problems
03. Blown fuse

How long does the Chrysler 300 ignition switch last?

The lifespan of an ignition switch can vary depending on factors such as driving routine, use, and wear and tear. But on average, an ignition switch on a Chrysler 300 can last for decades. You should ensure proper care and maintenance to make your ignition switch long-lasting.


Fixing an ignition switch on the Chrysler 300 ensures a smooth engine start and overall performance improvement. However, your ignition switch may need to be fixed due to a few common problems. If you diagnose the major reason for the issue, it will be easy to fix. But make sure you have read the instructions correctly before starting the task.

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