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A remote start system is an excellent feature for Ford Electric Vehicles which enables you to start your vehicle before you even get in it. Like any other electrical devices you may experience a problem in your ford remote start system and it could be a 1 beep of the horn. It can happen anytime, but no worries, you can fix it once you know why it happens and how to fix it.    

There can be many reasons for ford remote start not working. It includes the following points.

  • Low battery/ misplaced battery
  • Popped hood
  • Loose wires
  • Remote buttons                                                                                                               
  • Problem with System settings

All of these have simple solutions to get your remote back to work.

In this article, I will explain all the possible causes and solutions when your ford remote starts not working. So let’s learn how to troubleshoot the ford remote start not working 1 beep.

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Fix Ford remote Start not working 1 beep With Following Ways:  

ford remote start not working 1 beep

As part of this solving guide, I will talk briefly about each of the problems and give you individual solutions.  

Problem 1: Low battery or misplaced battery

Check the battery; it should be in the proper place. If the battery is displaced, it disconnects the remote system; ultimately, you will experience the remote not working. A low charge battery can also be the culprit for a remote start not working.


First, check the battery placement; it should be in the correct place. If the battery is displaced, take it out and place it correctly.

If you see no issue with the placement, check the battery voltage. Charge the battery if it is low and recheck the ford remote.

Problem 2: Popped Hood

If the hood is popped, you may experience the ford remote start not working 2 beeps. Popped hoods create a space between the doors, so you may find the remote not working correctly.


Inspect the hood on the driver’s side; it should be properly closed. To do that, open the hood, close it again, and ensure you have closed it properly. Now check your ford remote whether it is working or not.

Problem 3: Loose Wires

It may happen when you have a problem with the hood switch or remote wiring. The hood switch and wires will need to be checked to get rid of the problem.


On your side, you will find the hood switch; inspect its wiring properly. If you see the wires are loose, tighten them. Also, check the remote wires, and tighten them if they lose. Recheck the remote function to know whether you have solved the problem or not.

Problem 4: Remote buttons

Several problems with your ford remote button may make the ford remote start not working 1 beep. 

Firstly, your remote may be dirty, which makes it hard to press the button properly. Secondly, you may have broken buttons; thirdly, you may push buttons too quickly.


First, check the buttons; if you see dust or dirt, clean the button with a soft cloth and cleaner. Be gentle while cleaning, and avoid using harmful chemicals.

Secondly, inspect the buttons and ensure they should not damage. If broken, replace them with new ones to access the remote functions.

Have you checked the buttons, and there are no above issues? You may have a problem with pushing the buttons. 

Sometimes, a quick press also causes your remote not to work. While pressing, keep the ford remote buttons pressed for 1 or 2 seconds.

Problem 5: Problem with system settings

You may experience your ford remote start not working when you have a problem with the system settings. It can happen, even if you did not change the settings. No worries, you can recheck the settings and fix them if settings have changed.

Solution: Easy 4 Steps to follow 

Step 1: Work with system settings

First, go to your system settings and then to the remote start menu. Ensure it is marked as checked. It will ensure you have turned it on. But if you see it is unchecked, mark it checked to access remote start functions.

Step 2: Ensure proper closure of doors

After marking the system, open up all the doors and shut them properly. Ensure that all the doors, trunks, and hoods are properly closed.

Step 3: Press the start button to start

Now, press the start button within one second. Press the button and hold it for 10 seconds. You may need to repeat the button press 3, 4, or 5 times. After a couple of tries, your engine will start.

Step 4: Test the remote working

Please switch off the vehicle, open the door, and shut it again. To start the engine, you will need to keep pressing the button for a minimum of 10 seconds. If it starts, you have solved the problem.

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Why doesn’t my ford remote start working?

You may experience a ford remote start not working because of an unauthorized username, or your vehicle is in deep sleep mode. Do not forget to check the instrument cluster to ensure the remote start feature is “ON.”

Any More Questions?

How do I reset my ford remote start?

Switch off the remote, and remove its cover to access the battery. Remove the battery from your ford remote and leave it for a few seconds. Put the battery back and cover it. Recheck the ford remote start.

Why does my remote not start work sometimes?

You may have a problem with coolant, oil pressure, battery or hood, or door not being correctly closed. Ensure coolant and oil pressure are correct, the battery is charged, and the door or hoods are closed correctly.

Why won’t my f150 remote start work?

There are several possible causes for the f150 remote not working. You may have the ignition on, the alarm system activated, or mistakenly deactivate the remote start feature. 
Low battery charge, improper door, hood closure, and no parking mode can also be the culprit when f150 remote start does not work.

What are the meanings of the Key Fob light on ford remote start?

Different colors of light show different statuses; if lights are solid green, your remote start is successful. 

The status of lights is a solid red remote stop is successful; blinking red represents the remote start or stop failed. Blinking green is for the remote start in progress.

Final Verdict

I have talked about several reasons that can make the Ford remote start system collapse. If you follow the above guidelines you can fix them easily but before attempting any fix, read the owner’s manual and confirm that you are following the right way.

If you do not have the manual, please take guidance from the expert.  Avoid doing DIY fixes until you are fully confident; otherwise, call the expert to solve the problem. 

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