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The KIA p1326 glow relay helps optimize performance, especially during cold starts. However, sometimes it may stick to the “on” position. It is a frustrating moment, and you need immediate fixation. But how do I fix the KIA p1326 glow relay stuck on?

A faulty glow relay is the most common reason for a stuck relay. It needs replacing. However, if it is okay, you should check for engine temperature sensors, glow plugs, ignition switches, and fuel systems. Ensure all of these components work fine.

Understanding the causes and instructions to fix them may help you fix this issue. Stay here and learn how I troubleshoot the causes and what I do to fix them. 

Causes of the Kia P1326 Glow Relay Stuck On

You may experience a different issue when your Kia p1326 glow relay sticks to the “on” position. However, I have listed a few major ones here. Whenever you experience that issue, you must check for the following causes to fix it quickly.

  • Faulty glow relay
  • Engine temperature sensor malfunction
  • Glow plug failure
  • Ignition switch malfunction
  • Fuel system issues

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Kia P1326 Glow Relay Stuck On – Problems & Solutions

kia p1326 glow relay stuck on

Problem 1: Faulty Glow Relay

A faulty glow relay is the most common cause when you experience a p1326 glow relay stuck on. It leads to error code p1326 and prevents the engine’s glow plug from properly functioning. So you may experience some starting issues. It also increases emissions due to preheating of the engine.


  • Park your car on a level surface, engage the brakes, and turn off the engine.
  • Now locate the glow relay; in KIA cars, it is usually located near the fuse box.
  • Once located, first disconnect the battery terminals and carefully remove the glow relay.
  • Inspect the glow relay; you will need its replacement if it is damaged. I recommend BLAU GRUN 4 Pin 12V 30A Relay. This relay has a variety of uses and is compatible with various automobiles.
  • Reconnect the battery terminals and start the engine to resolve the issue.

Problem 2: Engine Temperature Sensor Malfunction

Engine Temperature Sensor Malfunction

The engine temperature sensor is responsible for signal transmission to the KIA p1326 glow relay. If it is faulty, it will disrupt the signal transmission, and the relay may fail to follow the instructions and be stuck at “ON”. It needs quick checks and fixation to ensure a smooth engine start.


  • Disconnect battery terminals and ensure there is no power
  • Then access the engine compartment and locate the engine temperature sensor near the glow relay
  • Once located, inspect the connections, wiring, and sensor itself. If wires or connections are loose, tighten them. But if the sensor is faulty, replace it with a similar one.
  • Once the sensor is replaced, reconnect the battery and test its performance. Start the engine; for better check, start your engine 3 to 4 times. Make sure the issue is eliminated.

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Problem 3: Glow Plug Failure

A faulty glow plug can be the culprit for error code p1326. It may fail to supply power to the glow relay, and the relay may stick to the “ON” position. You may also experience inefficient combustion, driving issues, and increased emissions. Fix it quickly for a smooth start and protect the engine from damage.


  • Disconnect the battery and access the glow relay
  • The glow plugs are located inside the glow relay
  • Test the plugs one by one using a multimeter to ensure they supply proper voltage. You can use any of the digital multimeters. However, for accurate results, I recommend AstroAI Digital Multimeter.
  • Once you have identified the faulty plug, remove it and mount the new plug
  • Now, reconnect the battery and start the engine to ensure problem fixation

Problem 4: Ignition Switch Malfunction

If the ignition switch is faulty, it may cause engine overheating. An overheated engine may lead to error code p1326. Due to the continuous relay function, you may face issues with engine start or quick battery drains. Fix the issue immediately to enjoy a smooth experience.


  • Disconnect your battery terminals and ensure there is no power coming from
  • Now open the ignition switch removing the screws.
  • Access to ignition switch wiring and ensure the wiring is okay. If it needs repair, do it.
  • Also, check the ignition switch for physical damage; if needed, replace it
  • Once replaced, mount the ignition switch and reconnect the battery
  • Start the engine and ensure it is working fine.

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Problem 5: Fuel System Issue

Fuel system issues can cause the engine to overheat, which may lead to the glow relay getting stuck. You should check the engine’s fuel system to ensure it is okay. If it needs fixation, do it to prevent the engine from damage and smooth engine start.


  • Scan the error code using an OBD-II scanner. I recommend MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner for scanning codes. If the error code is p1326, you have a glow relay issue.
  • As you have checked for the above issues, now locate the fuel lines and check the fuel filters, fuel line leaks, and injectors for clogs.
  • Repair the leaks and arrange for the cleaning of the clogged injectors
  • Check the fuel pump to ensure proper fuel delivery
  • If the fuel pump is faulty, replace it
  • Clear the error codes and start the engine to ensure the problem is solved

Kia P1326 Recall 

The KIA p1326 recall is a service offered to owners of KIA vehicles by the manufacturer to ensure p1326 fault safety. They may address engine issues or replace the affected parts. However, below is the KIA p1326 recall process

  • The first manufacturer will notify the owner of the recall via email.
  • After receiving the recall, the manufacturer should contact the dealership
  • The dealership will verify the recall by VIN
  • If your vehicle is eligible, the dealership will do the repair
  • After completion, the owner will receive confirmation documents

Seeking Professional Assistance

Dustin Hall

Seeking professional assistance is not essential every time you experience a glow relay stuck on. You can fix it yourself by troubleshooting the causes. However, if you followed the above guide but could not fix it, save time and call the professional guy for assistance. Only try yourself once you are confident in your skills.

Prevention and Maintenance Tips

  • Check the glow relay for any signs of corrosion or damage
  • Ensure clean and tight connections to maintain proper electrical flow
  • A healthy battery supports efficient glow plug operation
  • Install reliable glow plugs for optimal performance
  • Limit extended use to prevent overheating and relay wear
  • Allow sufficient warm-up time before starting the engine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the KIA P1326 Warranty?

KIA offers a lifetime engine warranty for p1326-related damage. The warranty covers the engine long block assembly repairs. This warranty applies to both new and used vehicle owners of specific KIA models.

Can I fix the KIA -1326 error code by clearing it through the scanner?

No, you cannot remove the issue only by clearing it using an OBD2 scanner. First, identify and fix the root causes properly to eliminate the issue. Otherwise, the problem will persist.

How much is the Kia glow relay stuck on?

The cost to fix the KIA glow relay issues may vary depending on your location, KIA model, and labor cost. However, an average cost may be between 100 and 200 dollars, including parts replacement and labor. However, if any engine parts are harmed, the cost could rise to thousands of dollars.

What is the Kia Optima glow relay location?

Usually, it is located in the engine compartment’s fuse box or the relay panel. The glow relay controls the diesel engine’s operations. However, it may vary if you have an older model of KIA. It is better to consult with experts or a user manual to find the exact location.


KIA glow relay ensures the smooth start of the vehicle. However, it may be stuck in the “ON” position due to several issues. Its functioning continues, which may cause engine overheating and battery drain. 

You may fail to start the engine smoothly. You should diagnose the root cause and then fix it accordingly. But remember it; you have a clear understanding of the fixation process. Otherwise, seek professional help to fix the issue permanently.

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