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It is essential to have your KIA display screen working fine for a smooth driving experience. You run a higher risk of accidents if it is defective. So, fix it immediately if it is not working. How do I troubleshoot if the KIA display screen not working?

In most cases, KIA display screens have minor problems like loose connections, burned wires, or blown fuses. Check for them and fix them. However, you may need to check for software updates, sensors, or LCDs to fix the issue. If the issue still exists, seek professional help to fix it.

You should follow the right techniques for quick fixation of a KIA display screen. Stay here; I will teach you ways to troubleshoot and fix the KIA display screen problems. Let’s read and learn.

Symptoms of Kia Display Screen Not Working

You may experience the following symptoms when the KIA display screen is not working.

  • Your KIA display screen remains unresponsive or black on ignition. The screen fails to display any visuals or information.
  • Your screen is displaying, but experiencing erratic flickering can be an early symptom of KIA display screen issues.
  • When you touch the screen, it does not respond or responds very late
  • The display shows garbled graphics or distorted, unclear maps, menus, etc
  • KIA display screen may freeze or lag, delaying a response, or you may experience a delay in response

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Causes of Kia Display Screen Not Working

You may experience a KIA display screen not working for several reasons; however, here is a list of a few major problems that may make your KIA display screen non-functional.

  • Blown fuse
  • Wiring issues
  • Software glitch
  • Faulty display screen
  • Faulty Sensor

KIA Display Screen Not Working- Problems & Solution

kia display screen not working

Problem 1: Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is a common problem when the KIA Display screen is not working. A blown fuse fails to provide power to the screen to provide a display. A damaged fuse breaks the circuit and disrupts power flow. You should check the fuse when you have an issue with the screen display.


  • Turn off your KIA car, park, and engage the brakes
  • Then open its hood and locate the fuse box under the dashboard
  • Once the fuse box is found, read the instructions on the diagram and find the fuse for the display
  • Now thoroughly check the fuse; if it is damaged, replace it with the same ampere rating fuse
  • Once done, start the vehicle and check the display motor to ensure the issue is resolved.

Problem 2: Wiring Issues

Screen problems may be caused by disconnected or broken wires. Faulty connections can disconnect the power and data flow to prevent the screen from being displayed. It is good to check the wiring and ensure the wires are properly connected.  


  • Turn off your vehicle and disconnect its battery to ensure safe work
  • Check the wiring in the fuse box or from the battery, and ensure there are no damaged wires
  • Next, check the connections to make sure connectors are securely fastened; if necessary, tighten them.
  • If wires need replacement, replace them and reconnect the battery
  • Start the car and check the screen to see if everything is okay.

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Problem 3: Software Glitch

Software Glitch

The software is also responsible for proper screen display, If there is an issue with the software, you may be unable to view your information on the screen. It can help you solve the issue if you check for software glitches and ensure you have compatible and up-to-date software.


  • Restart the system first; to do this, turn off your car, wait a moment, and then turn it back on.
  • Next, connect your vehicle to the internet and check to see if its software has been updated.
  • If there is an update for the software, update it to ensure the proper functioning of your screen.
  • Once updated, turn on the ignition switch and check the screen display.

Problem 4: Faulty screen

Faulty screen

A faulty screen itself can be a common issue. If there are issues such as damaged connectors, hardware failures, or other issues with the display screen, you may not be able to get a display.


  • First, check the power cables and Ensure the LCD gets proper power.
  • Sometimes issues are solved after a restart; restart your vehicle and check the display.
  • If issues exist, check the connections or other hardware. Repair the connectors or components that needed
  • If there is no issue with connectors or hardware, you may have a major issue with the LCD; it may need a replacement.
  • If the LCD does not respond, you will need to replace it. Remove the screws, remove the LCD, and connect it to another system to check its display.
  • For the replacement, I recommend CGOGC Android 10 Car Radio Compatible LCD for your KIA car.
  • Once replaced, restart your car and ensure the display is proper

Problem 5: Faulty Sensor

A sensor is responsible for transferring information to the screen for display. If the sensor is faulty, it will fail to communicate information to the screen. So, you have to check the sensors to resolve the issues.


  • Park your car and turn the engine off.
  • Next, unplug the battery and look in the fuse box or the manual to find the malfunctioning sensor.
  • If you see the sensor is damaged, you will need a replacement
  • Replace it and make sure it is properly connected
  • Reconnect the battery and start your vehicle
  • Check the screen display and make sure it is okay

When to Seek Professional Assistance?

First, check to diagnose the issue and ensure there are no issues, as discussed above. If you have tried but have yet to find the issue, then seek professional assistance. However, if you have identified the issue but need clarification about your skills, it is better to seek professional help to fix it properly.

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How Do I Reset My Kia Display?

It is pretty simple to reset the KIA display screen; follow the simple steps below to reset the KIA display.

  • First, you should locate the “Reset” button, which is usually located on the dashboard in KIA cars.
  • Press the button for 10 seconds and ensure the display has been restarted 
  • Once the display restarts, release the button
  • Once the display restarts, the system will reset to the default settings

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much is it to fix the KIA display screen not working?

There is no fixed estimate for fixing the KIA display screen that is not working. However, if you have an issue that needs repair, your cost may be between 200 and 600 dollars, including the required parts and labor.

Is there a warranty or recall related to KIA’s display screen problems?

No warranty or recall currently exists for KIA’s display screen issues. KIA guarantees that new vehicles are defect-free based on specific terms and conditions.

Does temperature affect the KIA screen display?

Yes, the temperature can affect the KIA screen display. Extreme temperatures, such as being too hot or cold, can impact the screen’s visibility, responsiveness, and overall performance.

What is the most common issue for the KIA display screen problem?

The most common issue with KIA display screen problems is a malfunctioning or unresponsive touch screen. This can occur due to software glitches, hardware issues, or wear and tear over time. Such problems affect the screen’s functionality and user experience.


KIA display screen ensures excellent performance and performs well for years error-free. However, you may experience the display screen not working due to some minor issues. No worries; most of the problems are simple to fix. However, if you have a severe issue, you should consult a professional to fix it properly.

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