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Ignition switch is one of the most significant parts of Polaris Ranger that activates the main electrical system. Alike any other engine parts, it may become faulty. but how do i identify the polaris ranger ignition switch problem and how do i resolve it. 

Firstly, you need to identify the signs that alert you about some potential issues. For example, a bad Ignition switch can cut off the power and fuel system, which can reason the engine to stall. The engine stops to start, and the key sometimes can trap. 

If you have faced those issues, the replacement of the switch instead of buying a new one could be a cost-effective solution. Let’s know the ins and outs related to the Polaris ranger ignition switch.

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Common Signs Of Polaris Ranger Switch Problem

Polaris Ranger Ignition Switch Problem

If your Polaris Ranger is having trouble with the Ignition switch or starting the vehicle, it is an obvious problem before breaking down. There are several symptoms of a bad ignition switch. Keep reading on and learn about some common faulty ignition switches.

Stuck the Ignition Key:

If the ignition key gets stuck while turning, it signifies a worn-out ignition switch. The key can’t connect inside the switch properly. Aside, a faulty ignition switch can reason the vehicle’s engine to stay running after removing the key. 

Suddenly Dies During Driving:

Another common ignition switch is a car that starts and suddenly stops during driving. It is the cause of temporary loss of voltage because of heat or shaking. Power loss by the ignition switch can reason the engine to stumble and die.

The vehicle can’t start:

When the key starts the car but fails, it will cause a broken ignition switch. To fix the Polaris ranger 500 starter problems, you may need to replace the ignition switch with a new one. There are many good quality ignition switches in the market such as HOOAI Ignition Switch with Key

Fails to power on Accessories:

After turning on the ignition key to the Accessories position, the switching power on the vehicle’s accessories like the central console, dashboard lights, or interior lights. When it happens, it is a sign of your faulty ignition switch. 

Silence from starting the car:

When the key turns but doesn’t make any starting sound for your car, it is the symptom of something wrong. It is the cause of a blocked electric pathway or dead battery. 

Excessive hotness of switch:

Another important sign of a bad ignition switch is overheating in touch. It is a bad result of the electric system. If you aren’t experienced with it, you should meet with a professional.

Dashboard Light Twinkle:

The most common issue of a faulty ignition switch is that the dashboard lights twinkle when the car is in motion. It indicates there is an issue with the ignition switch.  

How To Test The Faulty Polaris Ranger Ignition Switch?

testing ignition switch with multimeter

The Ignition Switch offers voltage to the ignition control module and coil. It has four-positions that perform to start the Ranger engine. The sections are Off Accessory, On, and Start. 

This system also has two wires linked to the ignition switch run terminal. One forms a connection to the control module, and the other goes to the key resistor or ignition coil.   

To examine, the ignition switch must be turned on before the faulty test. First, you should remove the switch from the slot and then check the continuity and resistance with the terminals.

In this stage, you need to check the voltage of the switch using two common tools: a multimeter and a 12-volt test light. 

Test With Multimeter

  • Pull the signal fuse with a fuse puller from the panel
  • Check the metal strip if it is damaged or burned. If burned, substitute it with the same amperage as the burned one.
  • Open the vehicle’s hood and ignition switch on the knob on DMM (Digital MultiMeter) to the Volts symbol. Link the black center of the multimeter to the vehicle’s frame and the red prime of the voltmeter to the affirmative terminal on the battery. For a complete practical battery, the voltmeter reading needs to be 12.6 voltages. 

If it can read less than 12V, the battery is dead and needs replacement. Start by placing the key into the ignition switch and then start the engine. If it can start perfectly, then the switch is working appropriately. 

If the engine fails to start and makes a clicking sound after turning the key, the fault isn’t with the ignition switch. If you don’t hear, you should turn the key, but the engine doesn’t start; the switch is bad and must be replaced. 

Test With The Test Light

  • First, Switch off the switch and detach the ignition module wire connector. Disconnect the starter to the solenoid’s S terminal. It will stop the car’s engine from starting despite turning the key to the ‘Run’ position. 
  • Rotate the ignition switch key and set it in the “RUN” position. Analysis of the red wire connection to check the voltage. Do the same process with the coil’s battery terminal.
  • After rotating the ignition switch to the beginning position, probe the coil’s battery terminal and the module’s wire to test the voltage. The ignition switch is bad and needs replacement if there are no volts on the checking part.

Ways To Remove Polaris Ranger Switch: Easy 4 Steps 

Before replacing the faulty Polaris Ranger Switch, you must remove it and install the new Mcsadventures Vertical Rocker Switch. It fits all trim levels of the 2018 & 2019 Polaris ranger.

Easy 4 step solution to remove the faulty Polaris Ranger Switch. Follow the below steps one by one:

Step 1: Position the Switch

The ignition switch must be positioned to the “Accessory” before releasing the switch from the ignition control module. 

This position is already fetching the starter and lets you often run the vehicle’s electronics without running the car’s engine. 

If you have a shortage of keys, you should turn the ignition module using the flathead screwdriver. 

Step 2: Dig the discharge pin into the ignition module

Now probe the ignition module’s upper till locate a smaller diameter hole. Next, set the screwdriver into the hole and then push it downwards on the release pin in the inside parts.  

Step 3: Remove the ignition Switch

Next, smoothly pull out the ignition switch from its previous position under the steering wheel, still pressing the discharge pin. 

The switch should come out much more easily. It’s habitual to switch partly in your vehicle that has collected the dust around the cylinder.   

Step 4: Pick The New Ignition Switch

Pick a new Ignition Switch that will offer a similar replacement to the bad one. Just deliver them with the best model and ensure the switch is ideal for your car. For instance, this UTVDistribution Aftermarket Parts Compatible with Polaris RZR

Ways To Polaris Ranger Switch Replacement/Installation

ignition switch replacement
Source: shutterstock.com

After removing the previous faulty ignition switch, install the new switch. If you haven’t bought a new switch yet, get the Polaris Ranger RZR ignition switch. It fits almost all Polaris Ranger models from 2008 to 2017.

Once you have the new ignition switch, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Set the Release Pin

Press the release pin to slide the switch into the module’s right position. Clutch the pin until you have inserted the switch fully. Then slide the new switch into its right position on the steering column. 

Now line up the position of the pin and form of a cylinder with the covering grooves inner the module.  

Push continues until you can hear the clicking noise while the release pin is placed into the correct position in the column. 

Assume you don’t notify the sound from the pin, the means of it is that the ignition switch isn’t fitted still now perfectly. So, you must push the switch slightly more to click to place.   

Step 2: Reconnect The Battery

Ensure you have checked the ignition switch before reuniting the dashboard. To make sure there are no issues whatsoever. Reconnect the wires to the battery’s negative terminal and insert the ignition switch key. 

Now start your car. If the vehicle starts without any problem, that’s great. But if not remove the ignition switch and continue polaris ranger troubleshooting.

Step 3: Detach the Battery Again

Ensure the ignition switch performs appropriately. You can start reassembling the inner part. Get the cable off the battery’s negative terminal for security purposes.

Step 4: Assemble It How You Disassemble It

Finally, start reinstalling or assembling the preceding parts removed a few minutes ago following the disassembled processes. If you feel difficulty getting the parts back together again, resort to the car’s repair guidebook for better support.

Confirm to use the screws to save all parts while you proceed but don’t force them back together, and they may break. If you can’t handle this stage properly, take it out and test all things to certain the key problems stopping it from fitting finally. 

After testing and making all attempts, fit the ignition appropriately, reconnect the wire to the negative battery terminal, and stiffen it using the right wrench.      

2006 Polaris Ranger 700 XP ECM Problems

The 2006 Polaris Ranger 700 XP ECM is a standout off-road utility vehicle with Electronic Fuel Injection. Those features allow it to ride with a high attitude and even higher temperature. But there are some common issues with this model of Polaris Ranger.

  • It can’t run
  • Fuel pump issue
  • TPS sensor problem
  • It will split oil while trying to speed up
  • Harness sensor connector problem
  • EFI fuel pump problem
  • A massive size problem reduces the speed of the car
  • Running trouble
  • Hardly to identify where the sensor problem
  • Make overheat under the seat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I start the Polaris Ranger with a bad ignition switch?

Yes, you are allowed to do it if you can use the right tools. But it isn’t safe all the time. 

Can I replace the ignition switch myself?

You can when you have previous experience installing the new ignition switch. Otherwise, if it is your first time, you must go to any professional dealership.

Is it safe to replace the new switch?

Replacement of the ignition key or switch can be important for some time when the previous one stops working. It will be safe if you use the correct tools based on your vehicle’s model.

Wrapping Up!

The Polaris Ranger Ignition Switch shouldn’t be taken simply because it is the most used switch in the car. So you should know the issues that it can create anytime. You must know the right solution to it that we have already discussed above. 

I hope you have learned how to test the faulty ignition switch and troubleshoot it in your way. But if you are stuck along with the methods, feel free to ask any questions.

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