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Ford f150 crew cab is one of the most reliable vehicles in the truck world. As one of the most popular cabs on the market, it comes in different configurations to suit different needs. It’s best known for its great mileage. If you are unsure of the Ford F150 Crew Cab’s mileage, you have come to the right place. 

The Ford f150 crew cab has a length of 231.9 inches to 243.7 inches, 19.3 to 20.3 feet. However, if you pick the super or extended crew cab, the length may vary slightly.

Stay here with me; I will explore different f150 crew cab lengths. I will cover the f150 crew cab, super crew cab, and extended crew cab. Let’s start the discussion.

How Long is a Ford F150 Crew Cab?

how long is a ford f150 crew cab

Ford f150 crew cab is famous among families and individuals because of its wider space and comfortable seating. It comes with six passengers seating capability. 

There may be variations in the length of the ford f150 crew cab in different models. Different models may have slight differences in their bed length and cab size.

However, a crew cab Ford F150 can range in size from 231.9 inches to 243.7 inches on average. It is about 19.3 to 20.3 feet in length. But it is better to consult the manual before buying the cab to know its accurate length. It will help you make the right decision according to your required capacity. 

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How Long is a Ford F150 Super Crew Cab?

Before talking about the length of the Ford f150 crew cab, I want to tell you that the Super crew cab is not a different vehicle other than the ford f150 crew cab. It is its type that has little variation. 

The super crew cab has full-size rear doors and extra rear room for legs. It makes it easy and comfortable for the passengers to sit on the rear side of the cab. 

Regarding its length, there is not much difference between its f150 crew cab. The super crew cab has an approximate length of 231.7 to 243.5 inches. However, model and bed length may show variations.

How Long is a Ford F150 Extended Cab?

Extended cab, sometimes also known as the Super Cab. It comes with some of the best features of a regular cab, such as a longer bed, and super cab features, such as more passenger capacity.

It has rear-hinged doors to ensure safe and easy access to the rear seating area. It will be a perfect choice for a comfortable journey if you have seniors in your family. 

However, its length differs from ford f150 regular crew and super cabs. It usually has an average length between 209.3 and 250.5 inches. However, it allows the owner to choose different bed lengths, which may cause variation in length.

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How Long is a Ford F150 Extended Cab in Feet?

When expressing the Ford f150’s extended cab length in feet, it’s 17.4 to 20.9. However, you may see variations due to customization facilities or other factors such as model year and dimension. So, check the exact specification, bed length, and model year to avoid untoward situations.

How Long is a Ford Crew Cab Short Bed?

f150 crew cab with 6.5-foot bed

If you have a small family or love outdoor activities, then a short-bed ford f150 crew cab may be perfect. It makes a compromise between passenger space and cargo capacity. 

The short bed ford f150 crew cab has a shorter bed length than the regular crew cab. Its average bed length is about 67.1 inches, approximately 5.6 feet. However, the vehicle’s overall length is the same as a regular crew cab, from 231.9 inches to 243.7 inches

Due to this balance in length between passenger capacity and cargo, it becomes more practical. You can use a Ford f150 short-bed cab for everyday use.

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How Long is the Length of the F150 Crew Cab 5.5 Bed?

The Ford f150 crew cab with 5.5 beds also comes under the short-bed cab category. However, this crew cab also has some compromises on the overall length of the crew cab. 

Its bed length is 5.5 feet and offers ample space for passengers. But the overall length of the 5.5-bed crew cab can range between 231.9 inches and 233.7 inches. This ten inches shorter length makes it easy to park. However, ensure to check the specifications, which may vary.

How Long is a Ford F150 Crew Cab With a 6.5-Foot Bed?

The Ford f150 crew cab with a 6.5 feet bed length is known as a longer bed crew cab. Such types of crew cabs are best suited for outdoor activists or people who need more cargo space. 

Its extended bed length feature impacts the vehicle’s overall length and adds functionality to the truck. It may haul bigger items without compromising your comfort and convenience.

The ford f150 crew cab with 6.5 feet bed cannot have a length of less than 241.9 inches. Its average size ranges between 241.9 and 243.7 inches ( 20.2 and 20.3 feet)

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How Long is a F150 Crew Cab Short Box?

The Ford f150 short box crew cab is also known as a short bed crew cab. It usually has a similar bed size (5.6 inches). However, you can customize it with a 5.5 inches bed. But the overall length of Ford f1250 short box crew cabs is similar to regular crew cabs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does a Ford F150 Crew Cab weigh? 

There is no specific answer to that question because it may vary depending on the model, trim level, crew cab type, and specifications. However, a Ford f150 crew cab can usually weigh between 4000 and 5500 pounds.

What is the Ford F150 SuperCab bed length? 

The Ford F150 Super Cab is also known as a longer bed containing crew cabs. The bed size may vary slightly, but on average, its length is 78.9 inches (6.6 cm). But you have customization options; you can also decrease its length by a few inches.

How much is a Ford F150 Super Cab with a long bed? 

The price of a Ford f150 Super cab may be higher than a regular crew cab. It may also be different depending on the model year and trim level. However, the Ford f150 crew cab can range between $30,000 to $50,000.

What size bed does an F150 Crew Cab have? 

When it comes to the bed size of a f150 crew cab, you have different options. Usually, the owners can choose a bed length between 5.5 feet and 6.5 feet. But remember, changing bed size will impact your cargo and passenger capacity and the vehicle’s overall length.


The Ford f150 crew cab is exceptional for family and everyday use. It offers plenty of features, such as enough room for passengers and cargo, and ensures comfortable seating. However, its overall length matters for many reasons, such as parking in tight spaces or in your garage.

But thanks to its facilities, you can choose from its specifications, such as bed length and overall length. While choosing a Ford f150 crew cab, ensure you know its specification and that it best suits your requirements. The overall length can vary up to 10 inches by modifying the bed length choices.

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