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When buying a new vehicle, many of us experience a frustrating deal with the dealers because they charge over MSRP. It is an extra burden, especially when purchasing an expensive car like KIA. Are there Kia dealers not charging over MSRP?

Only a few dealers offer KIA at MSRP, but you need to do a detailed search and wait a long time to get your vehicle. Even if you charge more than MSRP, you can save thousands of dollars with proper negotiation.

It may be a time-consuming process to find such dealers. However, I will help you make an easy deal if you stay here. After reading the information below, you can find KIA dealers that do not charge more than MSRP. Let’s explore it.

What Does MSRP Mean?

What Does MSRP Mean

MSRP is a famous term used by auto manufacturers. It means the manufacturer suggested a retail price. The manufacturer recommends this price for a specific vehicle, depending on its features and base price.

Why are Dealers Charging Over MSRP?

Usually, dealers who are honest and prefer customer satisfaction for long-term relationships do not charge over MSRP. However, some dealers may charge more than the MSRP for several reasons.

Some primary reasons that make dealers charge over MSRP are limited supply, high demand for a specific vehicle or model, and market trends. However, other factors, such as economic conditions and regional dealer competition, may influence vehicle prices.

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Kia Dealers Not Charging Over MSRP

kia dealers not charging over msrp

Nowadays, it is hard to find KIA dealers not charging over MSRP; because of inflation hikes, every dealer follows market trends. However, some reliable dealers who have been in that business for a long time may adopt a different approach. 

These progressive dealers prioritize the value of their clients. They ensure their customers enjoy a smooth and honest KIA buying experience.

However, you must do detailed research to find dealers who do not charge over MSRP for KIA because only a few follow that practice. Ensure the dealers you choose do not charge over MSRP before placing the order.

Kia Dealers Selling Tellurides at MSRP

KIA Tellurides is one of the excellent models of KIA. This mid-size SUV became trendy because of its aesthetic style and features. Despite its high demand, many dealers offer it to buyers at MSRP. 

I searched through various forums for the truth, but regrettably, I could not locate anyone who purchased it at MSRP. The MSRP price is 37,335 dollars, but the dealership’s offer is over 54,000 dollars. 

My research indicates that the chances of discovering a dealer with one available at MSRP are almost zero. The delivery process is lengthy, even if you find a dealer.

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Consumer Tips for Negotiating at MSRP

consumer to negotiate at MSRP

As discussed earlier, very few dealerships offer KIA models over MSRP. However, finding them is a complex task that requires time to avail of the facility. However, below are some tips for the consumer to negotiate at MSRP. It may help the consumer have a smooth negotiation.

Search Around:

Never place your order at one dealership because different dealerships for the same vehicle are offering different offers. So, search for the multiple dealerships you hear about offering at MSRP price. 

Get price offers and compare them. Also, check the customer reviews about dealerships to choose the most customer-friendly and reliable dealership for a KIA purchase.

Be Confident and Respectful:

When negotiating with the dealership, be confident and respectful. Let the dealer know that you are well aware of the MSRP and are looking for a dealership that offers it at MSRP.

Focus on Value:

When you are at a dealership for negotiation, do not only focus on the price. Your purpose should be to get good value for your money. Consider and compare the KIA vehicle features the dealerships offer you. It is also essential to consider warranty coverage and after-sale services.

Consider Time:

KIA vehicles are costly, so waiting a few months to save thousands of dollars may be a good deal. Try to visit the KIA dealership in the off-season or at the end of the month. At such times, dealerships are more willing to negotiate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it illegal to sell a car over MSRP?

No, it is not illegal for dealers to sell a car over its MSRP. Ethically, such practices are questionable and considered unfair. Dealerships that do so may lose customers. However, there is no legal issue. So, for that, dealerships charge over MSRP.

Why do dealerships charge so much for service?

Dealerships may charge so much for the services for multiple reasons. The major factors can be the use of genuine OEM parts, experienced technicians, and additional overhead costs of dealerships.

Should I pay more than the Kia dealer invoice price?

Paying more than the KIA dealer invoice price is optional. Due to the limited supply of KIA vehicles or coming price hikes, you may agree to pay more than the KIA dealer invoice price. However, do your best to minimize the dealership profit percentage over MSRP.

How much are the Kia dealer fees?

The dealership fee for the KIA may vary depending on location and dealership. However, you should inquire about the dealership fee and properly understand what they are charging you. The standard dealership fee can range from $4,000 to $7,000. 

Does MSRP include tax?

No, MSRP does not include tax. Sales taxes (GST+PST or HST) are not included in the sticker price, so the final amount paid at the cash register will be higher. So, dealers are worry-free to charge extra for what they want from customers.

Can I sell used KIA via Dealership?

Yes, if you want to sell your used KIA, you can sell it through a dealership. It may benefit you to get a good price for your used KIA. However, before selling it via a dealership, contact multiple dealerships and ensure you are dealing with a reliable dealership.


In current market scenarios, purchasing a vehicle at MSRP takes a lot of work. Most of the dealerships around charge over MSRP. It happens due to several factors, such as price hikes, high demand, or market trends. 

However, you may find some dealers for KIA who do not charge over MSRP. Even when you are charged more than MSRP, you can save thousands of dollars with proper negotiation. Choose the best dealership that values your money before submitting your order.

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