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The Nissan Altima has a wider trunk to provide enough space to keep your luggage or groceries. But it can be frustrating when the trunk is not opening or closing. If you want to avoid such problems, then you should know how to fix the Nissan Altima trunk won’t open or close. 

The two most likely reasons for the trunk not opening or closing are a defective trunk latch and a broken lock. You may need to repair or replace the latch or lock. However, you may also need to check the lock cable, key fob, and actuator for damage to ensure smooth functioning.

I put together this guide on fixing a trunk opening or closing issue on your Nissan Altima. Stick around and learn how to get rid of this issue.

Causes of a Nissan Altima Trunk That Won’t Open 

When the trunk won’t open on your Nissan Altima, you must check for the following problems.

  • Trunk cable problem
  • Broken Lock
  • Broken trunk latch
  • Problem with the Key fob
  • Malfunctioned actuator

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Nissan Altima Trunk Won’t Open- How to Fix?

nissan altima trunk won't open
The Nissan Altima owner struggles with a stubborn trunk that won’t open.

Problem 1: Trunk Cable Problem

The trunk cable connects the trunk and the lever to open the trunk using the button. But if the cable is broken, it will fail to establish the connection between the trunk and the leaver, so you may be unable to open the trunk on the Nissan Altima.


Trunk Cable Problem
Mechanic diagnosing and repairing a broken trunk cable in a Nissan Altima, addressing a common automotive issue.
  • Park your Nissan Altima on a level surface, open its rear seat, and check the trunk lining. You will see the cable mechanism for the trunk.
  • Check the cable for any bends, breaks, or other damage
  • If the trunk’s cable is broken or damaged, replace it with a new one
  • After replacement, check to ensure the trunk is opening properly

Problem 2: Broken Lock

The broken lock is another possible cause for a trunk not opening on your Nissan Altima. You will need to check and then replace the broken lock of the trunk to access the proper functioning of the trunk.


Broken Lock
Mechanic’s skilled hand fixing a Nissan Altima’s broken trunk lock.
  • First, locate the trunk lock mechanism, which is located on the trunk lid.
  • Check for physical damage, such as broken
  • If the lock is broken, you may be unable to open it
  • Purchase a new lock that is compatible with your vehicle model
  • Then remove the interior panel of the trunk lock and install the new one
  • Once installed, check and make sure it is opening properly

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Problem 3: Broken Trunk Latch

It is possible that you have experienced a sudden accident that may damage your Nissan Altima’s rear end. You may have a broken or damaged trunk latch that may cause problems opening the trunk. If there is an issue, you will need to replace the trunk latch to open the trunk.


  • Check for the trunk latch mechanism and ensure there is no damage
  • If the trunk latch is broken, you will need to replace it, You may have a repairable latch, but replacement is always a better option. I recommend the TJHSM Rear Trunk Lock Actuator Tailgate Liftgate Latch for your Nissan Altima
  • Once you have replaced the latch, check to ensure the door is opening stress-free

Problem 4: Problem with Key Fob

A faulty key fob may cause your trunk to not open. It is responsible for letting your remote control remote functions, such as opening the trunk. You must check the key fob and ensure it is okay. Replace or repair the key fob as needed.


  • Check your Nissan Altima key fob for poor batteries
  • If the batteries are okay, then check the button for opening the trunk; it should be fine
  • If the key fob button is okay, then check for the trunk release button inside the trunk
  • However, if the key fob is broken or its batteries are dead, replace the key fob or the batteries to ensure the proper functioning of the trunk 

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Problem 5: Malfunctioned Actuator

The trunk lock actuator is responsible for electronically opening or closing the trunk. If it is faulty, you may be unable to open the trunk of your Nissan Altima. You should check for the lock actuator and ensure it is okay for proper opening on the trunk.


  • Park your Nissan Altima at a safe place and turn off the engine
  • Now, get access to the trunk through the rear seats of your car
  • Check the trunk latch mechanism for physical damage. If it is damaged, you will need to replace it. I recommend the Dorman 937-245 Rear Passenger Side Door Lock Actuator for the Nissan Altima.
  • Remove the faulty latch and mount the new trunk lock latch
  • Now check the trunk and ensure the problem has been removed

Nissan Altima Trunk Won’t Close- How to Fix?

Nissan Altima Trunk Won't Close

The two most likely causes of a Nissan Altima trunk that will not close are a broken lock or one of its parts, or faulty lock latches. You should check for them when the trunk is not closing correctly.

Problem 1: Broken Lock or Components

The Nissan Altima trunk not closing could be caused by a broken lock or one of its parts. 


  • Check for the broken lock or its components; you will need a replacement if the lock is broken. However, if the components, such as the lock cylinder, actuator, or release button, are damaged, repair the lock by replacing these components.
  • Once the parts or the lock are replaced, check the trunk and ensure it is properly closing.

Problem 2: Faulty Lock Latches

Your Nissan Altima’s trunk may be unable to close due to faulty lock latches. So, check for the latch and replace it if needed to ensure the correct functioning of the trunk.


  • Check for the trunk lock latches for any physical damage
  • If the latches are broken, replace it
  • Once the latches are replaced, check and ensure the trunk is closing properly

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Nissan Altima Trunk Latch Problem- How to Fix?

A faulty Nissan Altima trunk latch is one of the most common causes of improper trunk functions. You may experience trunk opening and closing issues due to several trunk latch problems, such as improper latch engagement. 


Here are the detailed steps to fix the trunk latch problems on your Nissan Altima.

  • First, ensure there is nothing in the trunk, and then clear all the obstructions if you have any
  • Next, thoroughly inspect the latch mechanism and ensure there is no physical damage; if it is broken, you will need to replace it with a new one. 
  • If it is okay, then also check for debris; if there is debris, clean it
  • Once replaced or cleaned, lubricate the latch to smooth its functionality
  • After that, test the trunk and ensure there is no issue with its opening or closing

Seeking Professional Assistance for Trunk Issues

You can fix trunk issues on your own by following the above instructions because it is not a difficult task. However, if you have tried all the above instructions but have an issue with your trunk functioning, you should consider professional assistance. An expert can quickly identify the precise problem and make a lasting repair.

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Preventive Measures to Avoid Future Trunk Issues

  • Ensure regular maintenance and checking of your trunk and ensure there are no broken or damaged components
  • Always take care when cargo loading, and ensure proper cargo loading according to recommendations
  • Keep your trunk and its parts clean and debris-free for smooth functioning
  • Regularly lubricate the latches and hinges to prevent wear and tear
  • Always use secure items in the trunk to prevent damage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do you open the Nissan Altima trunk from the inside?

Follow the steps below to open the trunk from inside your Nissan Altima.
01. First, locate the release leaver; it is usually on the driver’s side, it is below the driver’s seat
02. Pull the lever to open the trunk
03. Trunk will open

Can the Nissan Altima trunk open without a key?

Yes, but it is only possible when you are inside your car. There is a lever or a button under the driver’s seat; you can open the trunk by pulling its lever or pressing the button.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Nissan Altima Trunk?

It can range from 150 to 250 dollars, depending on the repair and replacement of the parts. However, the cost may increase from 50 to 100 dollars if you consider professional assistance. However, for serious issues, it can range up to 750$.

How do you open a Nissan Altima trunk with a dead battery?

If the battery is dead, don’t worry; you can open it with a lever or button. However, if the lever or button is not working, use a long grabber tool and open the trunk via emergency trunk release.


It can be frustrating when the trunk is not working properly. You can fix the issue if you have identified the exact cause. You can follow the above instructions and look for the major causes, as I mentioned. 

When a problem is identified, fix it by following the directions. You can save hundreds of dollars and time by fixing it yourself. But if you are poor in mechanical skills, then call for professional assistance.

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