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It is frustrating when you start your Acura MDX, but it does not start and produces a clicking noise. There may be issues that need immediate attention. You should inquire and fix it immediately.  If you don’t know how to fix Acura mdx won’t start clicking noise, you are here at the right place. 

Inconsistent power is the main issue when Acura mdx won’t start clicking noise. You should check for all possible causes, such as dead battery, starter, ignition switch, alternator, and fuel pump issues. Once a problem is identified, fix it to start your vehicle correctly.

Troubleshooting clicking noise can be a time-consuming process; you need proper guidelines. Here I will teach you how to troubleshoot and fix it. Let’s start exploring.

Acura MDX Won’t Start Clicking Noise

Problem 1: Dead Battery

Dead Battery

A dead battery is one of the most common causes because when you try to start it, it does not provide enough power, and vehicles produce a clicking noise but cannot start. You should check for the battery to ensure it is working okay to start the vehicle.


  • Open the hood and find the battery near the engine compartment.
  • Remove the battery covers and disconnect the cables, first the negative cable and then the positive cable.
  • Remove the battery and clean its terminals
  • Connect the battery with a Multimeter to check its voltage; it should be 12 volts. If it is less, recharge it for a few minutes and then recheck. If it is still low, replace it with a new battery. I recommend the ML7-12 – 12 VOLT 7.2 AH SLA BATTERY. It is affordable and performs excellently in a variety of conditions.
  • Install the new battery and test to ensure there is no clicking sound and the vehicle starts properly.

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Problem 2: Faulty Starter

Faulty Starter

A faulty starter supplies consistent power to the ignition switch to turn on. When it has a fault, it fails to supply power; ultimately, you hear the clicking noise, but MDX won’t start. Check for the starter and fix it if needed.


  • Wear gloves and park the MDX on a safe and level surface. Once parked, engage the brakes for safety. Also, disconnect the cables from the battery.
  • Locate the starter on the driver’s side under the vehicle. It will be near the transmission.
  • Raise the vehicle on a secure jack stand. I recommend Jack Boss Car Jack Stands 3 Ton Capacity. It offers support for all heavy vehicles.
  • Access the starter and disconnect all the wires connected to it.
  • Remove all mounting bolts and remove the starter. Check it for damage; if it is, you will need a similar one.
  • Install the new starter and secure it with bolts.
  • Reconnect all wires and lower the vehicle from Jack’s stand.
  • Attach the battery and try to start the vehicle to ensure the problem has been solved.

Problem 3: Faulty Ignition Switch

Faulty Ignition Switch

A faulty ignition switch may cause a clicking noise when starting your Acura MDX. It prevents the power from reaching the starter, and you only hear the clicking sound. You must check for the ignition switch and fix it or replace it as needed.


  • Switch off the vehicle and disconnect the battery for safety
  • Then remove the panels around the steering columns to access the ignition switch
  • Detach all the electrical connectors and remove the mounting bolt to access the ignition switch
  • Thoroughly check the ignition switch, and if possible, repair it; otherwise, replace it.
  • Mount the new ignition switch and put back all the items you removed
  • Once done, connect the battery and test and ensure Acura Mdx is starting properly

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Problem 4: Bad Alternator

You may have issues with alternators that fail to recharge the battery properly. So, a weak or dead battery may cause an Acura mdx starting issue. You should check for the alternator; if it has faults, you must replace it to ensure proper battery recharging.


  • Locate the alternator on the passenger side near the front of your Acura Mdx engine
  • Then disconnect the battery for safety
  • Now loosen the belt tensioner, slide off the belt from the pulley, and remove it
  • Then disconnect all the electrical connections
  • Now you can access the alternator, unbolt it, and remove it. Check it thoroughly, and replace it with a new one if damaged. 
  • Reconnect the wires and belt, and then the battery
  • Now test it and ensure the issue is removed
  • You can also confirm it by checking the battery voltage with a multimeter. You can use any of the digital multimeters for accurate reading.

Problem 5: Faulty Fuel Pump

A broken or leaked fuel pump may prevent your Acura Mdx from starting. It fails to supply proper fuel to the engine, which cannot generate the spark needed to start the vehicle. You must check for the fuel pump and replace it if needed.


  • Wear safety gadgets such as masks and gloves, and park the vehicle in a ventilated area
  • Then locate the fuel pump, check it lift the rear seat 
  • Once located, remove its panel to release pressure on the fuel pump 
  • Inspect the fuel pump. If it leaks, try to fix it; otherwise, replace it. 

I recommend the Vphix Gas Fuel Pump Module Assembly for the Acura MDX. It is compatible with all models of the Acura MDX.

Reassemble the panel, test it, and ensure the vehicle is properly starting

Acura MDX Won’t Start Lights Flashing

Acura MDX Won't Start Lights Flashing

Acura mdx won’t start, but flashing lights can occur for many reasons. Some major reasons include battery issues, security systems, fuel delivery, and loose electrical wire issues. You should check for them individually to get access to a smooth-running vehicle.


  • First, check the battery and ensure it is not dead or weak. If it is weak, recharge it; if it is dead, replace it.
  • Then check for the security system and ensure it is deactivated and working correctly.
  • Check the fuel pump and ensure fuel delivery is okay
  • Finally, check the connections and wires and ensure they are secure and no wire is broken or damaged. If needed, replace the wires.

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Acura MDX Push Button Start Problems

Acura MDX push-button start problems can stem from key fob issues, battery depletion, faulty brake pedal sensors, or immobilizer malfunctions, causing starting difficulties. Consulting a professional technician can diagnose and resolve these problems.


  • First, check for the battery and ensure it is working okay If needed, replace it
  • Next, check the brake pedal sensor and ensure the pedal is pressed properly; if not, replace it
  • Finally, try a new key fob if you have

Acura MDX Clicking Noise When Turning

Worn CV joints or a failing steering component may produce a clicking noise when you turn the Acura MDX. You should first check for these issues to solve the problem quickly.


  • Lift your car safely on a jack stand.
  • Check for cracks or tears on the CV Joints; if you see them, then repair them or replace the CV joint assembly.
  • Also, check for the steering components and repair the damaged parts.
  • Once done, take a test drive to ensure the issue has been solved.

Acura MDX Won’t Start After Battery Change

If you have installed a new battery, but your Acura MDX still won’t start, then you may have an incorrect installation, a loose connection, or a dead battery. You should check for the installation and its connections; ensure the connections are proper and secure. If loose, tighten them. But if the battery is weak or dead, recharge it, test it, and ensure it is okay.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much is to fix Acura MDX won’t start clicking noise?

The cost may vary because it can happen due to various reasons. However, if you have a minor issue it may cost you between $100-$200. But if the issue is serious then it may cost 300-800 dollars on average.

Can anti-theft make your Acura Mdx not start?

Yes, an anti-theft system can cause Acura Mdx won’t start. If there is fault in the anti-theft system it may activate even if you enter the right key. It will immobilize the engine and you cannot start your vehicle.

Why Acura MDX won’t start in the cold?

If your Acura MDX is not starting and producing a clicking sound in cold there can be the following reasons
01. Extreme temperature may cause battery drain
02. Engine oil may become thicker and there is a problem with smooth engine movements

Can anti-theft drain the battery?

Yes, anti-theft systems can drain a car’s battery. The anti-theft system uses power for monitoring, sensors, and alarms even when the vehicle is off. So, it may cause battery depletion over time.


Acura Mdx is an excellent vehicle that ensures consistent performance. However, if you face Acura Mdx won’t start clicking noise issues; do not panic. It can be fixed easily, first identify the cause and then properly follow instructions to solve the issue. However, if you have tried your best but could not fix the issue, there may be another issue.

So, do not waste time and call a professional mechanic to solve the problem to get back on the road.

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