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USB port in the car lets you enjoy your favorite music and transfer media or recharge your phones. But it may become faulty for various reasons. So my question is, what will you do if your Subaru USB port is not working? Dont worry! I’m here to discuss How to fix it if the Subaru USB port not working.

A faulty USB port cable or debris in the Connection are two major issues. Replace the cable or remove the debris if needed. However, a blown fuse, device setting issues, and a faulty USB port can also be reasons. It is better if you check for them, too.

Read my below troubleshooting guide and learn how to fix USB port problems on Subaru. Let’s start the discussion.

Symptoms of a Subaru USB Port Not Working

Subaru USB port troubleshooting
Subaru car interior with non-functional USB ports

Here is a list of a few common symptoms that warn about USB port problems on your Subaru.

  • The USB port does not detect devices such as smartphones, USB drives, etc.
  • Another symptom is that it may not charge the connected devices.
  • No audio playback from USB-connected sources such as flash drives
  • Inconsistent connection, you may experience sudden connection and disconnect of devices
  • You see the error message “USB error” on the dashboard.

Common Causes of Subaru USB Port Issues 

Your Subaru USB port may experience issues for many reasons. But here is a list of common causes that may make your USB port faulty.

  • Cable problem
  • Blown fuse
  • Debris in USB port
  • Device setting issue
  • Faulty USB port

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Subaru USB Port Not Working [Problems and Solutions]

subaru usb port not working
Subaru usb port not working

Problem 1: Cable Problems

A faulty cable can be the reason for Subaru USB port issues, such as not recognizing the devices or charging issues. You cannot connect your drives until the cable is replaced.


  • Before replacing the cable, make sure it is faulty. For that, inspect it for physical damage, such as bent or fraying connectors.
  • Remove that cable and check it with other devices to ensure the fault. If it is not working, you have a problem with the cable.
  • Buy a new cable and use it as an older cable’s replacement. Once replaced, check and ensure the USB port performs smoothly.

Problem 2: Blow Fuse Issue

Blow Fuse Issue
Fuse box in Subaru dashboard compartment

Fuses are essential to providing power to the USB port for correct functions. If the fuse is blown, it may make your Subaru USB port inoperative. It could break electrical connections, which could prevent charging or data transfer.


  • First, find the fuse box in your Subaru engine compartment, and then find the fuse for the USB port. Read the instructions on the box to find the fuse for the Subaru USB port.
  • Once found, remove it and inspect it. If it feels damaged, replace it with a fuse of the same amperage.
  • After the replacement of the fuse, close the fuse box, and then the car’s good. Now, test the USB port to ensure the issue has been resolved.

Problem 3: Debris in USB Port

Debris can be the culprit for the USB port issues on your Subaru. It can block the connections between the port and devices and prevent them from establishing connections. 


  • Locate the USB port and check it physically for debris or dust particle accumulation.
  • If there is debris, use an air compressor tool to remove the debris. I recommend AstroAI Portable Air Compressor to ensure debris removal. You can also use the needles, but use them carefully so as not to damage the connections. Gently remove the dust.
  • Once the dust is removed, reboot your car and test its USB connections to ensure the issue is solved.

Problem 4: Device Setting Issue

Sometimes, improper device settings may restrict the devices that can connect to your Subaru USB port. Wrong or no settings can make it ineffective to connect to other devices.


  • First, check for the USB format and ensure the device you are connecting is compatible with the USB port.
  • Then, enable USB mode on the device.
  • Next, update the Subaru software and its drivers to support the USB port.
  • Once done, try to connect the devices and ensure there is no issue.

Problem 5: Faulty USB Port

Finally, a faulty USB port can be the reason for a problem with the USB port. If you have tried all the above solutions, but problems still exist, you may have issues with the USB port that need replacement.


  • But before replacing the USB port, ensure it has the fault. Check it for physical damage. It can be broken or may have corrosion due to dust, etc.
  • If it is damaged, you will need its replacement. I recommend Nilight – 90103A Dual USB Port for your Subaru.
  • Remove the faulty USB port using a screwdriver. Then, mount the new USB port.
  • Once installed, check and ensure it is properly working.

Subaru USB Port Replacement- Step-by-Step Guide

Replacing a USB port on Subaru can be simple if you follow the below guide.

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Trim removal tool
  • New USB port

Once the tools are arranged, follow the steps below.

  • Switch off the ignition system
  • Then, take the trim removal tool and carefully remove the panel covering the USB port
  • After that, unscrew the USB bolts and remove it from its housing
  • After removing the old USB port, disconnect the connected wires and then reconnect them to the new USB port
  • Then screw the new port in the USB port housing. Ensure it is connected properly
  • Next, put the panel and turn on the ignition switch to check the USB port functioning

USB Port Alternatives in Subaru Vehicles

If you have issues with the USB port on your Subaru, there is no need to be worried; you still have alternative options to access and connect devices. Below is a list of some alternatives for transitional USB ports on Subaru.

  • Wireless charging
  • Bluetooth
  • Auxiliary audio inputs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does it cost to fix a USB port in a car?

There is no exact answer, but you can expect an average of $5 to $50, depending on the issues. However, if you take professional help, it may further increase by $10 to $20.

Why does the Subaru USB port not work on Apple devices?

There can be several causes for a Subaru USB port not connecting to Apple devices. But debris or damaged USB ports are the most common; you must check for a quick solution.

Why is my Subaru Outback rear USB port not working?

The most common causes of a Subaru Outback’s rear USB port not working are device settings or software issues. You should ensure that the device settings are okay and the software is up to date. 

Why do modern car stereo receivers come with a USB port?

Undoubtedly, there are multiple alternatives for USB ports in modern cars, but a USB port is considered the most reliable option. It gives you greater flexibility to connect different devices more easily than a Bluetooth or wireless connection.


A problem with the USB port can limit your entertainment on Subaru. But no worries, it is a common issue that can be easily fixed. First, diagnose the cause and then fix it accordingly. Always test the USB port after fixing the issue to ensure the issue is properly fixed.

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