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The role of the throttle body is vital as it regulates how much air goes into your engine. You may not even be able to start your car when it goes bad. Identifying a problematic throttle body quickly will allow you to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Also, learning about the reasons behind a faulty throttle body is equally important.

Also, learning about the reasons why gm throttle body relearn not working is equally important. Following are some common reasons why your gm throttle body relearn is inactive. 

  • Grime and Debris
  • Internal Contamination
  • Vacuum Leakage
  • Poorly Adjusted Throttle Position Sensor
  • Electrical Connection Problem 

Also, many of you think about replacing the throttle body, when symptoms like stalling, idle, and difficulty in speed happen. But the problem will not be solved. Continue reading this content so that you can have proper knowledge all you need to learn about throttle body. 

Reasons behind Problematic GM Throttle Body

gm throttle body relearn not working

Faulty throttle body is a big problem to worry about. But what are the reasons behind a problematic throttle body? The following are some possible explanations. 

  • Grime and Debris
  • Internal Contamination
  • Vacuum Leakage
  • Poorly Adjusted Throttle Position Sensor
  • Electrical Connection Problem

Let’s know in detail about each of the problems below. 

Grime and Debris:

Dirt and grime can accumulate inside the part’s lodging or coking, disrupting the air-fuel flow. It causes the air and fuel entering the framework to be interfered with by an unpleasant surface. And thus causes an irregular flow. 

It is not just dirt, but also carbon stores that cause uneven surfaces inside the walls of choke bodies. This is another reason behind interfering with air-fuel atomization.

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Internal Contamination:

Internal contamination of the throttle body is one of the main causes of a malfunctioning throttle body. 

The accumulated contamination inside the throttle body has caused the throttle valve to be unable to move properly.  

This clogging situation leads to problems with air supply control as the throttle valve does not have enough space to move.

Vacuum Leakage:

Vacuum leaks can also cause a malfunctioning throttle body. As a result, ‘false air’ is sucked in, resulting in an air intake that is out of proportion to the throttle valve’s position.

Poorly Adjusted Throttle Position Sensor:

One of the common reasons behind the lousy throttle body is the incorrectly adjusted throttle position sensor. It causes a bad engine running. 

Electrical Connection Problem:

If there’s a problem with the electrical connection, the vehicle’s PC will get wrong or irregular data. Deferred to misleading data can make the PC make flawed air-fuel blend revisions because of the throttle body and related sensor. 

If you pressed the pedal hard enough, you’d see a switch into limp-home mode, where the motor’s power diminished.

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Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Body

Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Body 

Before learning about how to reset gm throttle body, you have to know about the symptoms. 

As driving with a bad throttle body is pretty dangerous and there is no way you can avoid it if something bad happens. 

Here are some primary symptoms. If you find anything similar, check the throttle body ASAP! 

High or Low Idle:

If the throttle body isn’t working properly, you’ll typically notice a particularly low or poor idle. 

If the problem is really severe, you could try slowing down while halting or immediately pulling the throttle back.  

The unavoidable result will be unfortunate engine execution. This would cause the check engine light to illuminate.

Also, when the PCM predetermined airflow value has not been met, the car’s engine will eventually fail to idle appropriately. 


Because of the bad throttle body, the car engine may stall. Sludge tends to collect around the edges of the throttle plate due to the amount of PCV steam floating around in the intake. 

Stalling and idling are regular problems with a bad throttle body. It can happen in reverse and it is very dangerous as well. The sudden acceleration can cause runaway situations. 

Warning Messages:

On the car’s dashboard, you can see warning texts like REDUCED POWER or similar. If it happens, immediately check on the throttle body. 

Gear Changing Difficulty:

If there is a problem with the throttle body, you may find difficulty in changing gears. Sometimes it is not that vital to notice but can cause so many problems. 

How to Relearn GM Throttle Body (step by step directions) 

how do i relearn my electronic throttle body

Sometimes the throttle body needs to relearn not to be replaced. Let me explain why! Over time the PCM makes incremental adjustments to the throttle body. This adjustment results in changes to the throttle blade angle. 

The PCM learns the values and memorizes the high RPM in order to maintain the proper engine idle. Even if you replace the throttle body with a new one such as GM Genuine Parts 217-3431 Fuel Injection Throttle Body, the PCM still operates the previous memorized value. 

Here, you need to perform the relearn. The step-by-step guideline is given below.

Easy 3 steps to follow: 

Step 1: Start and idle the engine in the park for 3 minutes. In this step, you would notice unusual idle speed (comparatively high). 

When it starts to read the new idle cells, the RPM (revolutions per minute) starts to lower idle speed. 

Step 2: The next thing you need to do is to turn the engine or ignition off. After 3 minutes, turn off the ignition and leave for 1 minute. 

Step 3: Again, start the engine and idle in park for another 3 minutes. This time the idle speed should get back to its normal state. 

This video tutorial can make a clear direction as well.

Have Any Questions?

How long does it take for a throttle body to relearn?

The total relearning process of the gm throttle body takes only 7 minutes. (3 minutes+1 minute+3 minutes).

How do I reset my electronic throttle control on my jeep?

Let me tell you a quick resetting procedure. 
01. Diagnose your vehicle 
02. Bring it to the normal temperature 
03. Release the gas paddle fully 
04. Turn on the ignition for 2 seconds, without igniting the engine
05. Turn the ignition off for 10 seconds. Repeat the process again. 
06. Turn on the ignition for 3 seconds and pedal 5 times within 5 seconds. 
07. Wait 7 seconds and pedal on for 20 seconds. 
08. Lastly, start the engine and idle for 20 seconds.

Is it Safe to Drive with a Faulty Throttle Body?

No, of course not! Driving with a faulty throttle body can cause clogging or stalling. If the ignition starts going bad or clogging, you should address it immediately. It may stall or fail to accelerate, creating a safety hazard.

To Summarize

The symptoms, reasons, and relearning process are explained at length. That’s the entire thing you need to know about the throttle body and relearning process. 

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