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Roof Marker light illumination is essential for a safe drive. It tells the other drivers on the road that a large vehicle is ahead. You can immediately fix the problem if you have an issue with roof marker lights. But do you know how to troubleshoot roof marker lights not working?

Check for the light bulbs, connection, fuse, and wiring. Replace the bulb if the bulb is faulty, tighten the connections if found loose, and replace the fuse and wire if needed.

However, you need more information to fix the roof light problem accurately. Stay tuned and learn how quickly and perfectly I fix the roof marker lights.

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How to Fix Roof Marker Lights Not Working?

roof marker lights not working

Your chevy models may need some technical help. Commonly, your chevy model’s tail lights, dash lights, and marker lights become problematic. 

Don’t worry!!! You can solve all the light issues. You can fix the roof marker lights problems like fixing Tail Lights and Dash Lights

But first, you need to identify the cause of the problem.  So I will tell you what the possible causes and their solutions are. Keep reading and explore the amazing ideas to fix roof marker lights issues.

Troubleshooting Roof Marker Lights Not Working [ Problems & Solutions]

Troubleshooting Roof Marker Lights Not Working

Roof marker lights may have an issue because of many problems. But I have listed the few major which may make roof marker lights Chevy not work.

  • Faulty Light bulb
  • Loose connection
  • Blown Fuse
  • Wiring Issues

Problem 1: Faulty Light Bulb

A burnt or faulty bulb can be the culprit for roof marker lights not working. You must check for the lights and fix the issue because it is the most common cause. Fixing this issue is very easy and affordable.

Solution 1:

The roof marker lights are attached with two spring-loaded clips. These springs can be plastic or metal. Follow these simple steps to fix the faulty bulb issue.

  • Identify the damaged bulb, and check the bulb filament. If the filament is broken, you need to replace that bulb.
  • Take a pry tool; it is good to use a plastic tool. Avoid metal tools because metal tools can hurt the roof. 
  • Gently pry the faulty bulb off and then install the new bulb. I recommend Dorman 888-5125 cab roof marker light bulb. It is compatible with most vehicles.
  • Once installed, test the bulb and ensure it is working.

Problem 2: Loose Connection

If the wires or connection is loose, roof marker lights cannot work. A poor connection may cause flickering or permanent shut off the lights. So must check for the wires connection and ensure all are tightened.

Solution 2:

  • Park your vehicle in a safe place and switch off the engine
  • Open the car hood and check for the front marker lights assembly. The roof marker lights assembly is mostly located near the front of the engine compartment.
  • Take a Philips screwdriver to tighten the light assembly screws. If you do not have one, I recommend Klein Tools 603-4 Screwdriver
  • Check all the screws and ensure all the screwed are tight. 
  • Once checked the assembly, also check for the wires connection. If connections are loose, tighten them. Test the lights to confirm the elimination of the issue.

Problem 3: Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is also a common problem for the front side marker light not working. You also have to check for the fuse when the roof marker lights cannot illuminate. 

Solution 3:

  • Locate the fuse for the roof marker lights. The fuse for the roof marker lights is hidden in the fuse box under the hood of a car. You can also check the user manual.
  • A multimeter is an essential tool for confirming the fuse problem. I recommend Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter. It is compatible with AC or DC voltage, temperature, current or frequency.
  • Connect the Multimeter on both ends with fuse ends and check the display. If the voltage passes accurately, there is no issue with the fuse. Otherwise, replace it with a new one.

Problem 4: Wiring Issue

Front marker lights can also be problematic because of the issue in the overall wiring. If you have an old wire or wire cut or burnt, you must fix it to get it back to work. 

Solution 4:

  • The front marker light wires are mostly installed over the dashboard. You can easily examine the wire to find the problem.
  • First, identify the wire for the roof marker lights on your vehicle. 
  • Check the wire thoroughly and identify the cuts or burn. If the wire is old, replacing it is better than repairing it. Otherwise, you can repair it.
  • Test the lights to ensure you have solved the problem. You should use the multimeter to confirm current is passing through the wire.

How to Fix Led Lights on The Roof?

Are your car or truck roof-led lights not working? Fixing the led lights is very easy. 

  • Take the Phillips screwdriver and remove the led lights cover.
  • The cover is mounted with clips, just off the clips by pressing clips with a screwdriver knob.
  • Remove the faulty LED light; you can remove it with your fingers.
  • Take the new led lights; I recommend Nilight 12” Roof Top Strobe Lights 48LED. Install the new LED light and put the cover back.

How to Wire Roof Lights?

  • Identify the power wire to connect it to the marker lights assembly.
  • Connect the hot wire to the marker light
  • Ground the black wire; you can also ground the wire on the car’s chassis
  • Switch on the power and ensure all the roof marker lights are illuminating

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Are Ford Transit Roof Marker Lights Not Working?

The ford transit roof marker light mostly becomes unable to illuminate because of a bulb or socket problem. Check for a fuse or wires if the socket and bulb are okay.

Why Are Side Marker Lights Not Working?

Side marker lights may not work because of improper grounded. Before going for other solutions, first, check the grounding. Fix the issue if find grounding is poor.

How to Fix The Jeep Side Marker Lights Not Working?

Check for the grounding, faulty bulbs, fuse, or bulb socket. Fix the issue according to the problem identified. If all are okay, then you have an issue with the wires.

Why is The Front Side Marker Light Not Working?

Damaged or short jumper wires, blown fuse, and corroded bulb sockets are some of the most common problems for side marker light not working. If you have checked but have not found the issue, check for the loose connection.


It is essential for a safe journey to have roof marker lights working properly. Several problems can make your marker lights unable to illuminate. 

Check for different causes and fix them. It is a simple job; you can save hundreds of dollars if you do it yourself.

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