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Modern vehicles like Audi come with a throttle system to ensure proper air intake flow for the engine. It is a must to keep an eye on its performance for smooth engine performance. Audi a4 comes with an EPC light to warn you about the problem in the throttle system. If you find any problem with your Audi a4, then you need to fix it immediately. But do you know how to fix EPC light on Audi a4 if it is not working?

If the EPC light turns on, stop the car and run the scanner for errors. Check the error codes; if the problem is minor, like a brake light switch problem, low engine oil, or low or dead battery, fix it. Otherwise, take your vehicle to a service center to fix the issue.

Fixing the EPC light takes time, but it can be easier if you know the problem. Stay here and learn how I fix the EPC light problem.

Can You Drive With EPC Light On Audi A4?

how to fix epc light on audi a4

EPC lights are electronic power control lights in modern vehicles to warn you about problems in the engine, like low air intake or power loss. If the EPC light turns on, it indicates a wide range of issues. You may have a minor problem, but you must check it; maybe your vehicle has a serious problem.

It is usually okay to drive for a while, even if the EPC light is illuminating. However, you must take it to the nearest vehicle service center to diagnose the problem.

The best thing is to discontinue driving even vehicle is operating normally. It is okay to drive for a few kilometers but drive it carefully; otherwise, you may experience a severe problem. 

You must go to the competent technician as soon as possible when you see the EPC light on your Audi a4.

What Do You Do When Your Audi EPC Light Comes On?

Your Audi EPC light can turn on for many reasons; some problems are minor, while others are serious. So whenever your EPC light turns on, stop driving and park your vehicle in a safe place.

Scan for the error codes to diagnose the problems. You may need help with the brake light switch, engine speed sensor, massive air flow sensor, power control, etc. 

After scanning the codes, you can decide better if the problem is minor, like low fuel, etc, and you can continue the drive. Whenever finds time, refill the engine oil. I recommend Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil for Audi.

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How To Troubleshoot EPC Light On Audi A4?

how to fix audi epc light

Most of the time, you can only fix the EPC light on the problem once you take professional service. Most of the problems are related to engine issues that need professional skills to resolve the problem.

Following are some severe Audi problems when EPC lights are on; you will need professional services to fix the problem. 

  • Cruise control
  • Engine speed sensor
  • Mass airflow sensor problems
  • Throttle body problems
  • Traction control issues

Here are a few problems you can fix if the EPC light is on your Audi:

  • Brake light switch Problem
  • Low engine oil

How To Fix The Brake Light Switch Problem?

How To Fix The Brake Light Switch Problem

Your EPC light may turn on when you have a problem with the light switch. Follow the below steps to fix the brake light switch problem. 

Step1: Locate The Brake Switch

Look for the brake pedal switch; it is a part of the brake pedal assembly. The brake pedal assembly is under the dashboard or near the pedal lever.

Step 2: Remove The Brake Pedal Switch

You can easily remove the brake pedal switch by pulling it outside. You may find it screwed. If it is screwed, unscrew it with Tekton ¼ inch philips screwdriver and remove it.

Step 3: Check For The Brake Light Switch

Then check the brake light switch connections; if loose, tighten them. If you see the switch burnt, replace it. I recommend Standard Motor products SLS-316 brake light switch for Audi. Install and screw the brake light switch.

How To Fix Low Engine Oil?

Fixing the engine oil problem is very easy; if you know the engine oil is low, refill it by following the below steps.

  • Park the vehicle on a place front side up and Switch off the vehicle
  • Open the car hood and access the engine oil pan
  • Remove the engine oil cap to remove the remaining oil
  • Once removed, fill the oil pan with engine oil up to recommended level
  • Once filled, close the oil pan and continue your drive

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How Much Does it Cost To fix EPC Light On Audi?

There is no exact price for fixing the EPC light on Audi. It depends on the problem your Audi has. It can be as low as 100$ to high up to 400$ or more. If you have a serious engine problem, it may cost you up to 3000$.

How To Reset The EPC light On Audi A4?

The EPC light remains on until you reset it, even if you have fixed the problem. So follow the below easy steps and reset the EPC light on the Audi a4.

  • Switch on the ignition switch
  • Then slowly press the pedal all the way to the floor
  • Turn off the ignition switch, but keep pressing the pedal down
  • Then turn on the ignition switch but do not release the gas pedal 
  • Slowly release the pedal all the way into the rest position
  • Turn off the ignition switch, EPC light will switch off

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Should I Do When The EPC Light Comes On Audi?

Immediately stop driving the vehicle and park it in a safe place. Run the error scan and find out the problem. 
Bring your Audi to the nearest service center if you have a serious problem. Otherwise, you can continue for a few miles if the problem is minor.

Is It Bad to Drive With The EPC Light On?

Yes, driving the vehicle with the EPC light on is not a good decision. If you have a serious issue, but you ignore to check it, you may experience costly damage. You may experience engine seizing or damaging other parts.

Is The EPC Light Turned on For Low or Dead Battery?

Yes, a dead or low battery can cause your Audi EPC to turn on. But when you have a battery issue, the EPC light starts flickering. You should check for the battery if the battery is low recharge; otherwise, replace the battery.

Can I Fix The EPC Light By Resetting It?

Yes, most of the time, it happens that you did not have any issues, but the EPC light turns on. So, you must try to reset the light if the vehicle is operating okay. If a problem exists after resetting, then you should go for diagnosing and fixing the problem.


EPC light on Audi protects you from serious damage to your Audi. It is good to fix it immediately; you must stop and run the scan; if the problem is severe, quickly arrange for professional service. Check the EPC; otherwise, you may experience serious damage.

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