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Brake lights alert other drivers that your pickup truck will slow down. If you have a GMC Sierra model, then you know its significance, especially in avoiding a collision. But sometimes, because of problems, it may happen that brake lights are not working. In that case, troubleshooting brake lights is a must. But do you know how to fix the GMC sierra brake lights not working? 

Check for the bulb, socket, fuse, brake light switch and wiring. Once the problem is found, fix it accordingly to eliminate the brake light problem. It is good to start by checking the light bulb and finally for the wiring to solve the issue quickly.

However, I will teach you in detail to identify the problem and fix it accordingly. Stay here and learn easy ways to troubleshoot brake lights not working.

What Can Cause Your Brake Lights Not To Work?

Your car brake lights may have a problem because of several causes. Here I have listed a few major which may make your brake lights unable to work.

  • Burnt bulb
  • Bad Socket
  • Faulty Fuse
  • Faulty brake light switch
  • Wiring problem

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How To Troubleshoot GMC Sierra Brake Lights Not Working? [ Problems & Solutions]

gmc sierra brake lights not working

Problem 1: Burnt Bulb

Burning the brake lights bulb is common, especially when driving in heavy traffic. You press the brakes many times; such frequent use may cause the burning of the light bulb. So it is a must to check for the light bulb; if the bulb is burnt, replace it with a new one. It is an easy and affordable solution.

Solution 1:

You will need a screwdriver and replacement bulb to check and replace the brake light burnt bulb. I recommend CRAFTSMAN Philips Screwdriver to unscrew and remove the bake light cover. If you have a burnt bulb replace it with Philips Automotive lighting 194RLED.

  • Take the Philips screwdriver and unscrew the brake lights cover. Then remove the brake light bulb. 
  • Once the bulb is removed, check for its filament. If the filament is broken, put it aside and install the new bulb.

Problem 2: Bad Socket

You have checked the bulb; the bulb is okay. Then check for the socket. The socket may have a problem. If the socket or its pins inside are broken or corroded, you may be unable to illuminate the brake lights. 

Solution 2:

If the socket, pins, or corroded, clean it; otherwise, replace it with a new one. I recommend Dorman 923-001 brake light socket. It is compatible with all GMC, Chevrolet and Silverado models.

  • Have you checked, and the brake light socket needs replacement? Take the Philips head screwdriver and unscrew the socket.
  • Remove the faulty socket, put it aside
  • Install the new socket, and install the bulb

Problem 3: Bad Fuse

brake lights fuse is faulty

If your brake lights fuse is faulty, you will be unable to illuminate the brake lights. You must check for a bad fuse before checking for other problems. It is a cheap and quick solution when GMC brake lights are not working.

Solution 3:

You will need a multimeter and replacement fuse to test the fuse and replace the fuse if the fuse is faulty. I recommend INNOVA 3320 multimeter to test the fuse and the 50016R 120 PCS Standard Fuse by Nilight for replacement.

  • Check for the fuse box under the dashboard or hood of the GMC car. 
  • Once found the fuse, connect it to the multimeter and check the display.
  • If the voltage is not passing, you need a replacement.
  • Just pull the bad fuse and install the new fuse; make sure you have connected the correct wires.

Problem 4: Faulty Brake Light Switch

Faulty Brake Light Switch

You may also have a problem with the brake light switch. So, you must check for the brake light switch when the brake lights are not working. If it is faulty, repair or replace it.

Solution 4:

You will need a replacement brake light switch if the switch is faulty. I recommend GM Genuine Parts D1539J Brake Light Switch. It is compatible with all GMC models.

  • Check for the brake light switch under the dashboard or near the top of the pedal lever.
  • Once found, examine it; if there is no visible damage, check it with a multimeter.
  • Connect it to a multimeter and check the voltage reading on the display
  • Is voltage not passing? Unscrew the brake light switch and install the new one. Ensure you have connected the correct wires

Problem 5: Wiring Issue

Wiring Issue

You may have cut in wiring, or wires are burnt. If the wires are burnt or cut, you will be unable to illuminate the GMC brake lights. So check for the wires and resolve the problem of illuminating the brake lights.

Solution 5:

  • The brake light switch circuit is located near the fuse box. Check for the wires.
  • If the wires have a cut or burn, try to repair them if possible. If not possible, then it is better to replace the wires.

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How Much Is The GMC Sierra Brake Light Replacement?

The brake light replacement on the GMC sierra is relatively inexpensive. You can easily find replacement lights for between 5 to 10 dollars. If you replace it, it will cost you 5 to 10 dollars; otherwise, add 10 to 20 dollars as service cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why are 2006 Gmc Sierra Brake Lights Not Working?

It can happen for many reasons, but a burnt bulb and fuse are the two most common causes for 2006 GMC sierra brake lights. Before going for other solutions, first, check for the bulb and fuse.

Is There a Fuse For The Brake Light?

Yes, the brake light has a fuse. It is located in the fuse box, which is located in the power unit. Check for the dashboard or under the hood for the brake light fuse box.

How To Fix 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 Brake Lights Not Working?

You have to check for burnt bulbs, sockets, and fuse if the 1997 GMC sierra 1500 brake lights are not working. You can quickly fix the problem by checking for these three problems.

What Are The Causes Of 2000 GMC Sierra Brake Lights Not Working?

2000 GMC Sierra brake lights may not work for multiple reasons. But you have to check for the brake light switch, fuse and bulb. These are some of the most common causes when you have a problem with 2000 GMC Sierra brake lights.


GMC Sierra car brake lights may have problems for several reasons. It is better to check for all possible causes to diagnose the problem quickly. Once the problem is identified, you can easily fix it. It will save you money and time and enhance your skills.

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  1. had trouble with my 2011 gmc sierra 1500 crew cab not being able to engage from park to reverse., seems to have gotten stuck, also kept getting the service traction control and service stabiliktrak lights came on., i had the brake light switch replaced with a new one, and is working now, and also the traction control and stabilitrak lights came off after installing new brake light switch, but only concern is that i press on the brakes to check on the light to make sure they are working properly, but they dont turn on when not in idle, they only work when i start the vehicle up. the technician from firestone informed me that this is how they are supposed to work, only when the truck in on idle. is this correct? i’m sure i could check the brake lights on when the vehicle was not running. please any information on this matter is greatly appreciated.

    1. It’s great that the shifting issue and warning lights are resolved after replacing the brake light switch. Regarding the brake lights, the technician is correct—they typically only illuminate when the vehicle is running or in idle. So, your brakes are likely working just fine. If you have any more concerns, a quick check with your local mechanic could offer peace of mind.

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