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License plate lights keep other drivers and authorities aware of your vehicle’s legal registration number. Nowadays, because of security risks, it must be illuminated all the time. But what to do when license plate lights not working?

Check for the lights bulb, connection, lights holder or pins, fuse, and wiring. Check them all one by one and fix them once you identify the cause. Never forget to test the lights after fixing the problem.

Fixing the license plate lights is an easy job. Let’s read and know how quickly I fix the problem.

Why are My License Plate Lights Not Working?

car light bulb not working

Several problems can be the culprit for number plate lights not working. Here I have listed some of the most common which may make license plate lights unable to work.

  • Burnt bulbs– If the light bulb is burnt, it will not be possible to illuminate the number plate.
  • Loose Connection– You may not have an issue with the bulb or other parts, but the connections are loose. It will make the power supply inconsistent, so lights cannot illuminate.
  • Faulty light holder or pins– If the lights holder or pins are corroded or damaged, you may be unable to illuminate number plate lights.
  • Blown Fuse– A blown fuse can also be problematic for the number plate light bulb.
  • Wiring issue– If you have broken wires, it will make license plate lights unable to illuminate.

How to Fix License Plate Lights Not Working?

How to Fix License Plate Lights Not Working

Troubleshooting faulty license plate lights is a technical job like fixing honda civic brake lights. However, It is an easy task that will not take more than 15 minutes to fix the problem. But make sure you have all the required tools and materials. 

Things You Need:

  • Multimeter
  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves
  • 4 to 5 meters wire [ if the wire is burnt or damaged]
  • Light bulb [ If bulb burnt]

A multimeter is a must to confirm the supply of current from the power source to light. If you do not have a multimeter, I recommend the Innova 3344 Professional Digital Multimeter. It is versatile, simple to use, and compatible with AC and DC.

Light bulbs are almost the same for most vehicles. You can buy it locally, but I recommend SYLVANIA 3157 light bulbs if you want the best quality. It is long -a lasting and trusted brand that can withstand in worst conditions.

Steps to Follow- Registration plate lights not working:

Step 1: Check the bulb

First, check for the number plate light bulb. If you do not see clear damage, take the screwdriver and remove the number plate. Then unscrew the light bulb cover bolts and remove the cover.

Gently turn and remove the bulb and check it. Check the bulb filament; if it is broken, you have to replace the bulb. If the bulb is faulty, put it aside and install the new one. 

Step 2: Examine the Connection

It is must connections should be tight for a proper supply of power. Sometimes because of rough roads, connections become loose. Once it loses, lights start flickering and sometimes shut down.

So check the connection; if you find it loose, tighten it. Ensure you have tightened it properly.

Step 3: Check the lights holder or pins

Okay, now check the lights holder or pin; if the holder is damaged or the pins are corroded, repair them if possible. 

If you cannot repair it, replace it with a new one. Ensure you have replaced it with a similar styled and sized holder.

Step 4: Check for the Fuse

You have checked the bulb and connection and found everything is okay. Then check for the fuse; maybe you have a blown fuse that breaks the circuit. 

The license plate lights fuse is located in the parking light circuit. The parking lights fuse is located in the engine compartment. So, open the car hood and go to the engine compartment.

You can also consult the manual to confirm the fuse. Once you have identified the fuse, confirm it by connecting it to the multimeter.

Connect one end of the multimeter with fuse one end and the next wire end to the other end. If you see the voltage passing, the fuse is okay. Otherwise, it needs replacement.

Step 5: Examine the wiring of the light

You have checked all, but the problem is still not fixed; now check the wiring. You have to check the wiring circuit. It opens the circuit and identifies the burnt or cut wires.

Cut the faulty wire and then repair it with a new wire. If you see the wire is damaged badly, it is better to replace it.

Be careful while connecting the wires to the terminals and power source. Once the wires are connected, test the wire by connecting it to the multimeter. 

If Voltage passing correctly, and the bulb also starts illuminating, you have done the job. For fixing the brake lights problem visit the honda civic brake light won’t turn off.

Replaced License Plate Bulb, Still Not Working

Have you replaced the bulb, but the problem still exists? No worry bulb may burn due to a problem with the fuse or wires short-circuiting. 

So, if the bulb is replaced, it is not enough; you will also need to check the wires, fuse, and holder to ensure power consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is the 2015 Silverado license plate bulb not working?

A license plate bulb can be problematic due to several reasons. But for the 2105 Silverdo faulty bulb and fuse is the most occurring problem.

Is a fuse exists for the license plate lights?

Yes, a fuse for the license plate lights is located in the engine compartment. Check for the fuse box for parking lights because license plate lights are considered a part of parking lights.

Why are my License plate lights not working on the truck?

It can happen for several reasons, but a faulty bulb or corroded bulb socket or pins are the most common causes for the truck. You must check for bulbs and sockets for quick elimination of the problem.

How much is fixing the license plate light?

It depends on the problem; if you take full service to replace the bulb, wires, socket, and fuse, it may cost you up to 50$. The professional guy may take a minimum of 50$ for that service.

Why are License plate lights not working 2006 ford f150?

You may have a problem with the switch relay, bulb, or socket. So first, check for these; if an issue exists, check for wiring or fuses.


License plate lights are essential to illuminate the registration plates at night. It will make your journey trouble-free. If you have a problem with the registration plate lights, you can easily fix them. It is simple and takes a few minutes to eliminate the problem.

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