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The Honda Civic is one of Honda’s most trusted vehicles. It ensures excellent performance; however, you may experience issues like the Honda Civic not starting to click. Fixing the issue is not easy, but you can do it if you follow the correct instructions.

A weak battery or faulty starter motor is the major problem. You will need to recharge the battery and repair the starter, but you may need a replacement if required. However, issues can also arise due to poor starter electrical connections, a blown fuse, and faulty spark plugs; it is good to check for them.

To learn everything in detail, stay with me. I will teach you how to find and fix the issue on your Honda Civic when it makes a clicking sound but doesn’t start.

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Common Causes for Honda Civic Not Starting Clicking Noise

honda civic not starting clicking noise
Honda Civic owner is trying to start his car but the car is not starting and making a clicking noise.

When your Honda Civic is producing a clicking noise but not starting, it can be due to many issues in your vehicle. But for a quick check, here I have listed the few possible problems reported by the experts.

  • Weak battery
  • Poor starter electrical connections
  • Bad Starter motor
  • Blown fuse
  • Worn-out spark plugs

Honda Civic Not Starting Clicking Noise- Problems and Solutions

Problem 1: Weak Battery

honda civic weak battery
weak battery of Honda Civic car, that’s why the car is not starting.

Your vehicle usually needs sufficient power to start its functions. When you start it, only listen to the clicking sound, and then it becomes silent; it may have an issue with the battery. 

Low voltage battery can activate the solenoid but does not have enough power to power the starter. So, after making clicking sounds, it stops. You must check the battery voltage to ensure it is okay.


  • Open your Honda Civic’s hood and access the battery. Take a multimeter and connect it to the battery terminals. I recommend AstroAI Digital Multimeter
  • multimeter for accurate voltage.
  • Now check the readings on the multimeter screen; they should be above 12.4 volts. If it is low, then you need to recharge the battery.
  • But for a more detailed check, when your battery is showing 12.4 volts, you must take a voltage drop test. Note the reading on the multimeter and start the engine. If the voltage is lower than 10 volts, you have an issue with the battery. You should replace such a battery.
  • But if the voltage is okay, recharge it for 2 to 3 hours and then start the engine. 

Problem 2: Poor Starter Electrical Connection

If you have removed battery issues but the car still has the issue, then check for starter electrical connections. The power supply issue can occur if you have loose battery and starter connections or corrosion on the connections.


  • Look around the starter and physically check its connections. Make sure all connections are properly secured. You must tighten them if you find any loose connections
  • Also, check for wires that are cut or damaged, if they need repair, repair or replace them to ensure proper connection 
  • Also, check for corrosion on the connections; if found, remove the corrosion
  • Once corrosion is removed, take a voltage supply test and ensure proper voltage is supplied to the starter
  • Use a multimeter to check the connections to the battery to make sure 12.4V of voltage is being supplied.
  • Once confirmed, start your Honda Civic and ensure the problem is removed 

Problem 3: Bad Starter Motor

Honda Civic Bad Starter Motor
In the picture, Dustin Hall is holding a bad starter motor in a Honda Civic.

A faulty or bad starter motor can be the culprit for the clicking sound when you start your Honda Civic. When the battery gives power to the motor, it tries to start, but the fault resists it and produces unwanted click noise. 


  • First, try a temporary solution; you will need a hammer and a person for assistance
  • Ask your helper to start the engine of your car by finding the starter motor; When the starter motor receives power signals, you hit it with a hammer. If there is a jam and stuck parts, they may be fixed, and your vehicle will start
  • However, if you try this, but the motor does not start, unscrew the starter motor and bring it to a mechanic shop for repair
  • Once repaired, mount it on its place and secure it tightly
  • Now start the vehicle and ensure the issue has been removed

Problem 4: Blown Fuse

Honda Civic blown fuse
Dustin Hall found a blown fuse in a Honda Civic in the photo. For which fail to supply power. He is replacing a similar good fuse.

Mechanical parts need fuses for proper functioning and supply of power. If there is a blown fuse, such as a starter relay, it may fail to supply power. Ultimately, you will experience a clicking noise but cannot start your vehicle.


  • Park your car, then start it up.
  • Switch off the car and locate the fuse box near the engine compartment
  • Once the fuse box is found, try to find the fuse for the starter relay; you can take assistance from the written details on the box
  • Once the related fuse is found, check it; if it is damaged, replace it with a similar one
  • After replacing the blown fuse, close the fuse box and start the engine to ensure the issue is resolved

Problem 5: Worn Out Spark Plugs

A spark plug ensures the start of the vehicle by providing a spark to the starter. If the spark plugs are faulty, they may fail to produce a spark, so the car may fail to complete the combustion process. It may make you unable to start your Honda Civic.


  • Check for the spark plugs near the starter motor
  • Make sure the spark plugs are okay; if there is physical damage, it is better to replace it
  • Replace with the compatible spark plug to ensure accurate functions
  • Once replaced, start the engine and confirm the issue has been removed

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Honda Civic Won’t Start But Has Power

There can be multiple problems that may cause the Honda Civic to not start even if it has enough power. Some possible issues include a bad starter motor, faulty ignition switch, corroded battery terminals, and an activated anti-theft system.


  • First, check for the ignition switch and ensure there is no issue; if needed, replace the switch or damaged parts
  • Then check for the starter motor; if it needs repair, get it repaired; otherwise, you may need a replacement 
  • Check for the battery terminals and ensure there is no corrosion; if found, clean it. It is also good to check its voltage with a multimeter to ensure proper voltage is supplied. 
  • Check for an anti-theft system and ensure it is deactivated if it is active.
  • Finally, check for the spark plugs and ensure they are working fine; if they need replacement, replace them.

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Honda Civic Won’t Start Brakes Locked

When your Honda Civic won’t start and the brakes lock, there can be two Major issues. 

  • The first is its parking brake; it may get stuck and prevent the vehicle from starting. You must check for the parking brake; if it is stuck, disengage it.
  • The second most probable cause reported by many owners is a dead or weak battery. It may fail to power the brake system to disengage and start the vehicle. Check the battery power and ensure sufficient power is supplied to disengage the brakes. You may need to recharge or replace the faulty battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I reset the Honda Civic after replacing the battery?

Resetting the Honda Civic’s settings is pretty simple. 
01. Locate a “reset” button on the steering wheel and press it for a few seconds. But turn the ignition key off and back on again to apply the reset.
02. Sometimes, the setting may have problems due to corrupt files, so if it does, you will need to delete the corrupt files from your Honda Civic hard drive
03. Also, check for the system drivers and ensure the Honda Civic software has up-to-date drivers for proper functioning 

How do you know if your starter is bad on a Honda Civic?

When you experience the following signs, you may have an issue with the starter.
01. The lights are on, but there is no action.
02. The engine won’t crank.
03. Your car emits too much smoke.
04. Listen to unwanted sounds.

How much does it cost to replace a starter?

The cost may vary depending on different factors. The cost to repair the starter, however, could range from $50 to $350. For a new starter, it may cost you 80$ to 350$. But the total cost also includes the professional services, which cost between 150$ and 1100$ depending on the issue.

Can brake pads cause cars not to start?

No, brake pads do not cause such issues as to restrict the car’s ability to start. Even if all the brake pads have problems, the car could start. If you experience such a problem, you might coincidentally experience an ignition switch or engine problem.


Your Honda Civic car may not start and produce only clicking sounds. It is very frustrating, but you can fix the issue on your own. Just diagnose the possible causes; once the issue is found, fix it following the above instructions. 

However, it can be a complicated process; if you have tried all solutions but cannot start the vehicle, call for professional assistance instead of wasting time.

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