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The digital display on the Honda Civic helps you by providing real-time data about your driving. It also displays data for tire pressure and fuel economy. However, a few issues could damage the digital display in a Honda Civic. 

How do you deal with it if it happens? Blown fuse and sensor malfunction are the major causes of digital display problems. You may need to replace the fuse or sensor to fix the issue. However, faulty display units, software glitches, and low-power batteries may also cause this issue. You may also need to check them out.

Take a closer look and learn how to identify causes and fix digital display problems.

Causes of Honda Civic Digital Display Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your Honda Civic digital display, you may have the following issues.

  • Faulty Display Unit
  • Software Glitches
  • Sensor Malfunction
  • Blown Fuse
  • Low Battery

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Honda Civic Digital Display Problems and Solutions

honda civic digital display problems
Uncover solutions for Honda Civic digital display problems. Easy fixes for a clear and hassle-free driving experience

Problem 1: Faulty Display Unit

The display unit is an essential component in a digital display that ensures smooth data transmission. It controls the visual interface of the vehicle information. If faulty, you may experience a blank screen, distorted visuals, or inaccurate readings. It needs immediate fixation for proper monitoring of your drive.


First, locate the display unit; it is usually mounted on the dashboard in Honda Civic models.

  • Now check it for the power connections. Check if the connections are okay. Check its fuse in the fuse box after that, and then look for the wires. Ensure everything is okay.
  • If needed, replace the blown fuse or repair the wires if they are broken.
  • Then, check for the screen and ensure there is no physical damage and it is appropriately connected to the power source.
  • Try resetting or rebooting the display unit. Just disconnect the car battery for a few minutes.
  • Now, test and ensure the problem has been fixed.

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Problem 2: Software Glitches

Software issues
Learn about Honda Civic software issues. Keep it simple with insights for hassle-free solutions to stay on track.

Software issues such as outdated software or corruption can cause digital display problems. It happens due to software updates or coding errors. If it happens, it can disrupt the normal operations of the digital display. You may experience issues such as screen freezing or incorrect information on the screen.


  • Visit the Honda Civic website and then check for software updates. If the software has been updated, then download it on your USB.
  • Now connect the USB to the Honda Civic USB port.
  • Run the software to update. If the software is corrupt, delete the installed software and install the new one.
  • Once the software is updated, switch on the ignition and ensure the display issue is fixed.

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Problem 3: Sensor Malfunction

Sensors send data to the digital display. If there is an issue with the sensor, it may send inaccurate data to the display. You will become unable to monitor your drive, and the risk of safety and inefficiency will increase.


  • Connect the Honda Civic to the OBD-ll scanner to confirm the sensor malfunction. 
  • If there is an issue with the sensor detected on the OBD scanner, check the sensors.
  • Check for dirt or broken sensors. If needed, replace the sensor or clean it.
  • Once the sensor is replaced, test the digital display and ensure the problem has been removed.

Problem 4: Blown Fuse 

The fuse ensures a proper supply of power to the digital display. If the fuse is blown, it will fail to provide power to the fuse. You may experience digital display issues such as a white screen, freeze, or blinking display. 


  • Switch off your Honda Civic and open its hood.
  • Then, access to the fuse box is usually located near the engine compartment. 
  • Read the instructions on the fuse box to find out the fuse for the digital display.
  • Now remove the digital display fuse and inspect it for damage.
  • If the fuse is blown, you will need a compatible fuse for its replacement.
  • Mount the new fuse and close the fuse box.
  • Switch on your vehicle and check the digital display. Make sure the data is displaying correctly.

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Problem 5: Battery Problems

Digital display needs enough power to display the data. If your car battery is dead or low power, it can affect the digital display functioning. You may experience a dim or blinking display with a low-power battery.


  • Open your car’s hood and access its battery.
  • Connect the battery to a reliable digital multimeter. For accurate results, I recommend INNOVA 3320 auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter.
  • Check the readings and ensure they are 12.6 volts. If it is low, you have a weak or dead battery.
  • Put the battery on recharge and wait for half an hour. After that, reconnect the battery with a multimeter, check the voltage to see if it is 12.6V, and recharge it for a few hours. But if the voltage is below 12.6 volts, your battery is dead.
  • Take a replacement for the dead battery and mount it on the dead battery. Be careful when removing or mounting the battery, and connect its terminals correctly.

Honda Civic Screen Replacement

Follow the steps below if your Honda Civic screen is broken or faulty and needs replacement.

  • Park your Honda Civic in a safe place and turn off the engine.
  • Now remove the screen panels and then unscrew the screen mounting screws.
  • Disconnect wires from the screen and set the old screen aside.
  • Now, take the new screen and reconnect it to the wires. I recommend UNITOPSCI Android Car Stereo Radio for the Honda Civic Touch screen. Ensure you have connected the screen properly. Then screw the screen in and put the panels in.
  • Switch on the engine and check for the display. Make sure the display is properly working.

Honda Civic Screen Replacement Cost:

The screen replacement cost may vary depending on the brand and labor costs. However, the typical price ranges from $100 to $300

Honda Civic Speedometer Display Not Working

Honda civic speedometer display not working

The major issues with a Honda Civic speedometer can be the speed sensor, blown fuse, or loose electrical connections.


  • First, check for the speedometer connections. Check and ensure each connection is proper. If loose, tighten them to ensure a consistent power supply.
  • Next, check for a blown fuse in the fuse box near the engine compartment under the car’s hood. If the fuse is blown, replace it with the same amperage fuse.
  • Finally, check for the speedometer sensors; replace them with a compatible sensor if damaged.
  • Once done, turn on the ignition switch and check the speedometer to confirm the problem has been solved.

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Honda Civic Radio Display Not Working

Honda Civic Radio Display Not Working

If your Honda Civic radio display is not working, you may have loose wiring, faulty screen, or blown fuse issues.


  • First, check the fuse panel for a blown radio fuse. If it blows, replace it.
  • Next, check the wires and connections and reconnect any loose wiring connections.
  • If wires and fuse are okay, you may have an issue with the screen. Check the screen’s wiring and connections. If they are okay, you may need a repair or replacement of the screen.
  • Try to get it repaired, but if that is not possible, then replace it.

The Honda Civic Odometer Display is Not Working

Your Honda Civic odometer display may become unable to perform its functions due to several issues. Common causes include loose wire connections, blown fuse, and faulty odometer sensors.


  • Check for loose connections and ensure all connections are tight.
  • Then, check the fuse and ensure the fuse is fine.
  • Finally, check for the odometer sensors and replace the faulty ones.
  • After checking all the above, check the odometer display and ensure it shows proper readings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Why is my Honda screen black?

Your Honda Civic screen may be black for several reasons, but a blown fuse, dead battery, or damaged display unit are the most common. Check for these issues to fix the problem quickly.

How can I reset my Honda Civic screen?

Follow the straightforward instructions below to reset the screen on your Honda Civic.
01. Turn the ignition “ON.”
02. Then go to “Menu,” you will find the menu button on the screen.
03. Then go to “Settings” and then go to “System”.
04. Now go to “Factory Data Reset” and reset it.

What to do when the Honda Civic digital display is not shutting down?

First, perform a factory reset from the settings menu. If the problem still exists, disconnect the battery for at least 10 minutes and restart the ignition.

How do I fix a frozen Honda Civic screen?

To fix a frozen Honda Civic screen, you must reboot the system. Press and hold the audio system power button for at least 5 seconds to reboot. It will also reboot the screen on your Honda Civic.


The Honda Civic’s digital display lets the driver enjoy a smooth and safe drive. Drivers can easily monitor their cars’ essential data. But a few issues may make it unable to work. If you face this issue, diagnose the reason first and then fix it. Take professional help to identify the true cause and fix it if you cannot resolve the issue.

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