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Proper fuel flow is essential for the stable performance of the vehicle. If you have a problem with fuel injectors, fuel flow will decrease, and ultimately you may face trouble starting the vehicle. In that case, knowing how to troubleshoot 1993 ford f150 fuel injectors not working is a great help and save. 

A clogged fuel injector is the major problem when the fuel injector is not working. First, cleans it by injecting inject cleaner. If the problem still exists, remove the fuel injector and repair it if possible; otherwise, replace it.

However, you can better fix ford f150 fuel injector problems after learning the fuel injector troubleshooting skills. Stay tuned with me to know how I solve the issue.

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Why are 1993 ford f150 fuel injectors not working?

1993 ford f150 fuel injectors not working

1993 ford fuel injector can damage for many reasons. But here I have listed a few major problems that may make the fuel injector not work.

Faulty Solenoid: Proper functioning of the solenoid is essential for pulling the fuel injector pintle. If the solenoid is open or shot, the fuel injector will fail to fulfill its responsibilities.

Bad Fuel: One of the major causes of bad fuel injectors is poor-quality fuel. If you have low-quality fuel, you will accumulate dirt and contaminations in the injector. Such impurities will decrease the fuel flow or entirely stop the fuel.

Heat Soak: Heat soak can be a cause for a bad fuel injector. When you switch off the engine, fuel residue in the injector becomes waxy and causes clogging of the injector.

Leaked/ Damaged Fuel injector: If the fuel injector leaks or damage because of the accident, you will be unable to continue smooth fuel flow.

How to clean ford f150 fuel injectors?

Cleaning the fuel injectors is undoubtedly a complex job. You need enough time to remove the fuel injector, then clean and reinstall it. 

But here I will share the easiest method that may take a couple of minutes to clean your ford f150 fuel injector. You also do not require the removal of the fuel injector. Let’s have a look.

Things you need:

  • Gloves
  • Fuel injector cleaner canister
  • Fuel injector cleaner

I recommend the 7448A fuel injection cleaner canister by OTC Tools.  It is designed for directly cleaning the fuel injectors. Dust, debris, or other residuals are loosened and combusted to remove them through the exhaust system. 

You can apply up to 30,000 PSI. The canister is stainless steel made and also has a gauge for pressure. You will find this simple but very effective.

You may find hundreds of fuel injector cleaners in the market, but my recommendation is Sledgehammer.  

It quickly removes the deposits from injectors, valves, and combustion chambers. You will find it awesome against excessive Soot & Carbon deposits.

Steps to follow in cleaning f150 fuel injectors:

Step 1: Fill the Canister with Cleaner.

Shake the fuel injector cleaner and make sure all cleaner mix well. Then remove the cleaner’s cap by unscrewing it and pour the cleaner into the canister.

Do not fill it too much.

Step 2: Connect the Canister to the Fuel Injector

Remove the fuel injector top cap and insert the canister tube in the fuel injector. Make sure there is no loose option or leakage.

Step 3: Start the vehicle

After that, sit on the driver’s side and switch on the car. Leave the car in the switched-on position for a few minutes.

The cleaner will start working through the fuel injector and melting all the residues. After melting all the dust or carbon deposits, it can be easily exhausted through the exhaust system.

Step 4: Remove the Canister

Once you ensure the entire fuel injector is cleaned. Detach the canister from a fuel injector. Put the fuel injector cap back on the fuel injector. You have done the cleaning.

Test it by driving your vehicle for a few kilometers and ensure the fuel injector is working fine.

1993 ford f150 fuel injectors removal

ford f150 fuel injectors not working

If your fuel injector is damaged or not working, you may need to remove it to fix the problem. Removing a fuel injector is not complex; you just need to follow proper instructions.

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Steps to follow to remove the fuel injector:

Nothing is more important than your safety; you will need an eye protector to protect your eyes. All other essential tools you already have for the fuel-cleaning process.

Step 1: Locate the fuel injector

First, locate the fuel injector. The fuel injector is located in the intake manifold. Look near the fuel tank to find the fuel injector.

Step 2: Disconnect the fuel rail

Once you have located the fuel injector, the next step is to disconnect the fuel rail. For removal of the fuel rail, first, disconnect the fuel from the main line. 

After that, take the screwdriver and unscrew the nuts or bolts. When the nuts are loosened, then gently disconnect the fuel rail.

Step 3: Disconnect the fuel injector

After disconnecting the fuel rail, disconnect the fuel injector. A fuel injector is connected to the wires through a plug. So remove the plug and ensure the injector is properly disconnected from the wires harness.

Step 4: Pull the Fuel Injector

After disconnecting the fuel injector, unscrew the fuel injector. While unscrewing and pulling it out, be patient and ensure no nuts or other parts fall down in the fuel tank. After unscrewing it, gently pull out the injector.

Best ford f150 fuel injector repair kit

You will need different tools for repairing the fuel injector. It may take a lot of work to get all the tools. So, it is better to have a fuel injector repair kit for your ford f150. It will ensure worry-free repair.

My recommendation for a ford f150 fuel injector repair kit is a 1-8 fuel injector seal kit by UREMCO.  It includes filter baskets, pintle caps, space, and O-rings. All parts are of imported quality and USA-made. Simple installation makes it the best fuel injector repair kit for the ford f150.

Best 1993 ford f150 fuel injector wiring harness:

The wiring harness includes connectors, locks, cables, wires, terminals, and outer coverings. For the 1993 ford f150 fuel injector wiring harness, my recommendation is FICM Fuel Injector Module Wiring Harness.

It has excellent corrosion a free feature that makes it durable against water leaks. High quality, easy play design, easy installation, and compatibility with many ford models make it the best wiring harness to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much is it to put in new fuel injectors?

The cost of putting in a new fuel injector may vary depending on your area. But an average cost is almost 200 dollars for its parts, and professional services may take 100 to 150 dollars. If you do it, then you can save professional services costs. 

What symptoms of ford f150 fuel injector problems?

A few major signs may warn you that the fuel injector has a problem. A few major signs are as follows.

01. Engine misfires.
02. Rough idling.
03. Decreased fuel efficiency.
04. Difficulties in starting the vehicle.
05. A dancing RPM needle.

Is it easy to remove fuel injectors?

Actually, it is a complex job to remove the fuel injector. If you have learned and are confident, you can remove it; otherwise, hire a professional person.

How much is it to buy a fuel injector repair kit?

You have a variety of brands to choose from online and local stores. The average cost for a fuel injector repair kit may cost you between 70 to 100 dollars.

How do I manually test my fuel injectors?

You can manually check it by listening to the clicking sound. Put the screwing against the fuel injector and try to listen to the sound. If you hear a clicking sound from the injector, it works fine.

Concluding Thoughts

The fuel injector is a major part of ensuring smooth fuel flow for better engine performance. You cannot continue the smooth driving experience if it is clogged or damaged.

So check the fuel injector; if it is clogged, clean it, and if it is damaged, replace it following guided instructions. But remember, only do that if you are confident; otherwise, call a professional guy to fix the problem.

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