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Car’s faulty sound system not only brings boredom but also causes accidents sometimes. Turn signal sound as well as car radio is a very vital component for sound driving. It is not always possible to go to the technicians or mechanics whenever you face a problem. Troubleshooting silly problems is a big help for me. I faced the problem with my car radio and then I learned a lot about the car’s audio system.

When there is a problem with the electrical fuse, amplifier, radio speaker, relay, wires, radio, and turn signal does not work. By troubleshooting, you need to figure out the problem first, then try to fix the problem.

In this content, I will show you some possible reasons why my radio and turn signal sound are not working. 

Reasons & Solutions for Faulty Car Radio and Turn Signal Sound 

my radio and turn signal sound not working

Suppose your ford sync radio sound system isn’t working and you feel worried about how to fix it. Firstly, you must identify why your car radio sound system isn’t working. According to a tech expert, the Ford SYNC car radio entertainment system shows problems for the following reasons. 

  • Blown electrical fuse
  • Damaged radio speaker
  • Faulty indicator relay
  • Clogged indicator
  • Unupgraded software
  • Clogged Indicator
  • Head Unit Problem 

Let’s check out the possible problems and their solutions. 

Problem 1: Blown or Burnt Fuse

Any electrical problem starts with the fuse box. Blown fuses in the car’s electrical components are the easiest problem to fix. So, the first thing you need to do is to check the car’s fuse. 

Stereos or radios have an electric fuse that protects them from power surges. For whatever reason, if too much current is sent to the audio system, the fuse blows. 

A blown fuse causes disconnection of the circuit. If you turn on a car stereo with a blown fuse, you won’t hear anything.

The fuse is usually located under the hood or under the rear seat. You’ll also find them in the instrument panel near the dash. 


  • Pull out the fuse with a fuse puller.  
  • Check whether it is blown or burnt or not. 
  • If blown, replace the fuse. Bring a fuse with the same amperage as the older one.

Problem 2: Faulty Indicator Relay

Indicator relays can malfunction, which prevents lights from coming on. The speaker is also connected to it. 

You won’t hear any sound from the car radio or the clicking noise when you turn the signal off if the relay controlling the speaker is damaged.


  • Get a new relay. The part number of the new one has to be the same. 
  • Remove the old relay.
  • Insert the new relay. 

Fixing the relay and fuse is a low-cost replacement to do and both working is easy. 

Problem 3: Loose Audio Wiring

After the blown fuse and faulty relay are checked, but still you have the problem, which may be the problem of loose wiring. 

Check all the wire connections: 

  •  Head unit connection
  • Amplifier connection
  • Speaker

Loose wiring is a reason why my radio turns on but no honda. Connect securely and the fixing is done. 

Problem 4: Damaged Speaker

The damaged speaker can be a reason behind the most asked question “why does my radio work but no sound”. 

To make sure whether it is damaged or not, you need to connect a new speaker temporarily, disconnecting the old one. If you have the sound, the car speaker is faulty for sure. 

You can find this speaker at the back of your instrument panel. Turn signal and car radio share the same speaker. If it is deeply damaged, there is no option but to replace the old speaker with a new one.


  • Remove the speaker, voice coil, and cone. 
  • Clean the old glue and dust from the previous speaker. 
  • Reinstall the new speaker cone, voice coil, and speaker. 
  • Test the speaker

Problem 5: Wrong Car Radio Installation 

They have some pretty cool features and facilities on the aftermarket radios. But why does my aftermarket radio turn on but no sound? 

One of the very common mistakes is the wrong installation. This mess up causes mute radio and no turn signal clicking sound. 


  • Check whether the aftermarket radio is correct or not 
  • Connect the wiring properly 

If the wrong installation is the problem, the audio problem is solved. 

Problem 6: Software Problem

If the stereo software is not upgraded, there would be no sound from the radio or turn signal. This is a minor bug but it can cause a lot of problems. So, you have to update to the latest software. 


  • Check Software Information 
  • Update to the proper firmware 

Check out this video for proper guidelines:

Problem 7: Clogged Indicator

Indicators can be clogged with dust and dirt. A clogged indicator causes no sound from the turn signal. This is a pretty silly problem to fix. 

The lack of regular maintenance of your car causes this problem. However, fixing this problem requires 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. 


  • Turn off the car 
  • Keep the car in an open place 
  • Use a compressed air can and spray thoroughly. 
  • If there is still dirt or the dirt is too much, spray with W-40 electrical contact cleaner
  • Wait for 1 hour after spraying properly and let dry.  

Problem 8: Head Unit Problem

You can control Bluetooth, radio, Wi-Fi, and other functions from the screens and buttons. On the head unit, these buttons are available. It is possible that a faulty head unit is responsible for faulty radios and turn signals.

To resolve this issue, you must replace the faulty head unit with a new one. There are two options available to fix this problem. You can either buy an aftermarket head unit or get an older one. You need to reset all programs in both cases. 


  • Unbolt car radio 
  • Disconnect the harness and antenna  
  • Install the new head unit. 
  • Check plug and wire connections and connect everything sequently 

You can get a step-by-step guideline from this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my portable radio turn on but no sound? 

In the case of portable radio, if it shows perfectly fine on display but there is no sound coming, there is a problem in your headphone or headphone socket. 

Why doesn’t my signal lights work?

There are two possible reasons behind the signal lights not working. Whether you have a dead bulb or you have a faulty turn signal relay. 

Why do I lose the radio signal when I turn the lights on?

Faulty LED lights cause interference to the radio signal. So, first, you need to troubleshoot. In this case, changing internal parts will go in vain, better be to change all the faulty LED lights with high-quality ones.

Is there a reason why my car radio sometimes doesn’t work?

There is usually a problem with the wiring when a car stereo only works occasionally. It is also possible to have a problem with your amplifier, an internal fault in your head unit, or even a problem with your speakers or speaker wires, depending on how the stereo is not working.

Bottom Line 

No sound from the radio and turn signal is not a minor problem at all. I have explained all the possible reasons for not working. Make sure you check every option before jumping into a solution and buying new items. If there is still confusion, go to the technicians.

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