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Hill start assist is an excellent feature in the Ford f150 to ensure added safety and convenience while starting the vehicle on steep inclines. However, you may experience a hill start when assistance is available. It can be dangerous, so you should immediately attend to the issue to maintain safety. But how to fix hill start assist not available Ford f150?

  • Check the hill start assist module, then check the brake fluid level. 
  • Next, check for wires to ensure they are correctly connected. 
  • If the issue persists, check for the wheel speed sensor and ABS and replace them if they are faulty.

However, you need a detailed guide for proper identification and fixation of the problem. Stay here. I will assist you in fixing that issue. 

What Does Hill Start Assist Not Available Mean?

hill start assist not available
A warning message on a car’s dashboard displays “Hill Start Assist Not Available” in bright red text, indicating the feature is currently inactive or malfunctioning.

Hill start assists not available means that the feature has some problem or is inactive. In such situations, the driver must start the vehicle carefully and manually control the vehicle by applying brakes and accelerator. 

However, you will always be at risk of accidents regardless of your driving expertise. So, it is good to identify and fix the problem quickly for better safety.

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Reasons For Hill Start Assist Not Available Issue in Ford F150

The hill start assist function may not be available in your Ford f150 for many reasons. But here I have listed the 5 most reported reasons by the Ford owners. Whenever you experience that issue, you must check for these problems to fix the issue quickly.

  • Faulty Hill Start Assist module
  • Low brake fluid level
  • Electrical wiring issues affecting the Hill Start Assist function
  • Malfunctioning wheel speed sensors
  • Issues with the vehicle’s ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

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Hill Start Assist Not Available Ford f150 [Reasons and Solution]

hill start assist not available ford f150
Hill Start Assist feature is unavailable on the Ford F150

Problem 1: Faulty Hill Start Assist Module

The faulty Hill Start Assist module in the Ford F150 prevents the Hill Start Assist function from working correctly. So you may see a message “Hill start assist not available.” The module regulates the operation of the system and requires repair or replacement.


  • First, notice the error message “Hill start assist not available” on the dashboard.
  • Consult the vehicle’s manual to confirm the meaning of the message.
  • Then locate the Hill Start Assist module; usually, it is mounted near the brake system.
  • Check the module for damage, loose connections, corrosion, etc.
  • If there are issues, consider repairing or replacing the module. I recommend the GM Genuine Parts Hill start assist Control Module for the Ford f150.
  • Test the Hill Start Assist function after the module is fixed to ensure it works correctly.

Problem 2: Low Brake Fluid Level

Low Brake Fluid Level
Warning: Low brake fluid level detected

When the brake fluid level in the Ford F150 is low, it can trigger the message “Hill start assist not available.” It happens because the Hill Start Assist system relies on the brake system to function correctly. So if the fluid level is low, it can affect its operations.


  • Start with checking the brake fluid reservoir located in the engine bay.
  • It is low if you notice the fluid level is below the “MIN” mark.
  • Then you will need to add the recommended brake fluid up to recommended level between the “MIN” and “MAX” marks. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but I recommend Quicksilver DOT Brake Fluid for brake fluid replacement or refill.
  • Remember to ensure there are no leaks in the brake system.
  • When refilling the fluid, test and ensure the hill start assist works.

Problem 3: Electrical Wiring Issues Affecting The Hill Start Assist Function

Electrical wiring issues can impact the Hill Start Assist function in the Ford F150. Wiring issues can disrupt the communication between the various components of the system. So you may see features not available on the screen. It requires quick troubleshooting and repairs.


  • First, check the electrical connections and wiring harness. Carefully check for damaged or loose connections. Repair or replace the wires if damaged.
  • Next, check for fuse-related issues for the Hill Start Assist system. If the fuse is blown, replace it.
  • Then take a multimeter and test the continuity of the wiring and ensure the proper voltage is running.
  • Clear any error codes using a diagnostic tool and reset the system.
  • Test the Hill Start Assist function to ensure it is functioning correctly.

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Problem 4: Malfunctioning Wheel Speed Sensors

Malfunctioning Wheel Speed Sensors
Wheel speed sensors: Critical components for vehicle stability and ABS functionality.

If the wheel speed sensors in the Ford F150 malfunction, it can cause Hill Start Assist to function and not be available. The sensors are responsible for communicating essential information to the system. If sensors fail, they will be unable to perform their functions.


  • First, check for the error message indicating the issue.
  • Then check the wheel speed sensors for damage or lost connections.
  • Use a diagnostic tool and scan for error codes related to the sensors.
  • If an error code is detected, you have faulty sensors. Replace the malfunctioning wheel speed sensor.

Problem 5: Issues With The Vehicle’s ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

Problems with the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) in the Ford F150 can be the culprit for hill start assist not being available. Hill start assist system relies on the ABS for accurate speed detection. 

If there are any issues with the ABS, it can impact its functionality. It requires immediate attention to fix the problem.


  • First, check for ABS warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard.
  • Then check the ABS sensors for damage or dirt accumulation.
  • Ensure wheel speed sensor alignment is okay and connections are secure.
  • Test the ABS module and hydraulic unit for faults. If need replacement, do replacement of essential parts. I recommend Cardone 12-17245 Remanufactured ABS Control Module for the Ford f150.
  • Finally, take a test drive to ensure the hill start assist working finely.

How Do I Activate Hill Start Assist?

Activating hill start assist will not take more than 2 minutes to finish if you follow the steps below.

  • First, ensure your vehicle is equipped with a hill start assist.
  • Engage the parking brake.
  • Start your engine and release the brake pedal.
  • Press the brake pedal firmly when you are on an incline, so do not leave it loose.
  • Hill start assist will automatically engage. But keep holding the brakes for a couple of moments.
  • Then release the brake pedal and accelerate gently to smoothly start moving uphill without rolling back.

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How to Turn Off Hill Start Assist Ford f150?

To turn off the Hill Start Assist feature in a Ford F-150, follow the steps below:

  • Start with locating the “Settings” option on your vehicle’s infotainment screen.
  • Next, navigate to the “Driver Assist” or “Vehicle Settings” menu.
  • You must look for the “Hill Start Assist” or “HSA” option within this menu.
  • Choose the “Hill Start Assist” option and toggle it to the “Off” position.
  • Confirm the selection if prompted.
  • Test the Hill Start Assist feature by stopping on an incline and releasing the brake pedal. Ensure the vehicle should not automatically hold the brakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I still drive my Ford F-150 safely if the Hill Start Assist is not available?

You can still drive your Ford F-150 safely without Hill Start Assist. Hill Start Assist is a feature that assists with uphill starts. 
It can help you, but it is optional for safe driving. Proper clutch, brakes, and accelerator use will ensure a secure driving experience. But having a hill start assist feature ensures better safety.

How Hill Start Assist feature works in a Ford F-150?

Hill Start Assist in a Ford F-150 helps prevent your vehicle from rolling back when starting on an incline. When the system detects the vehicle on a hill, it automatically applies brake pressure for up to a couple of seconds after the driver releases the brake pedal, giving them time to switch to the accelerator smoothly.

How do I check my hill assist?

01. Find a hill with a slight incline.
02. Engage the hill assist feature in your vehicle.
03. Release the brake pedal while keeping your foot off the accelerator.
04. The hill assist should hold the vehicle in place for a few seconds.

How long does Hill assist last?

Hill assist typically lasts a few seconds to a minute, depending on the specific vehicle and its manufacturer. It is designed to temporarily assist when starting on an incline, preventing the vehicle from rolling back. The duration may vary based on factors like vehicle speed and slope gradient.


The hill start assist feature ensures a safe start and overall driving experience on hilly and rough roads. It is an added security feature that improves your control. Sometimes you may experience it needing to be added. 

No worries; you can try different ways to fix that issue. However, if you tried all the above techniques but could not fix the problem, use your driving expertise and safely bring the vehicle to a professional mechanic’s workshop to fix the issue.

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