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GMC Sierra stalling is related to the ignition system and the fuel system. This problem can be incredibly jarring when it does happen to you. It is a big challenge to troubleshoot if you don’t know the problems and solutions regarding gmc sierra stalling. So what are the problems and solutions to your gmc sierra stalls?

Here are a few of the most occurring problems that may cause your gmc sierra to stall out.  Check for all of these to quickly fix the problem.

  • Torque converter Problem
  • Faulty Sensors
  • Problem with fuel
  • Malfunctioning of engine timing
  • Dirt throttle body
  • No or low oil level

Whatever the problem is, the solution is simple. But first, check the engine with a spark tester to confirm engine stalling. Keep in touch to improve your gmc sierra maintenance skills.

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Problems And Solutions: GMC sierra stalling

GMC Sierra Stalling Problems

Problem 1: Torque Convertor Problem

If you have a problem with the torque converter, you may experience 2014 gmc sierra stalling problems. Issues with the torque converter can cause the gears to slip, loss of acceleration, overheating of the transmission system, and engine stalling.


Repairing the torque converter is a complex task. It is only possible when both sides and blades are in good condition. Otherwise, you will need a replacement. Check for the torque converter.

In the gmc, the Sierra torque converter is located between the transmission and the engine’s flexplate. If the torque converter is in better condition, repair it; otherwise, replace it with a new one. 

If you find it difficult to choose the right torque converter for your GMC Sierra model, I recommend you to buy TORCO 6L80E 6L90E 5.3L 6.0L Torque Converter. I hope it will offer you vibratio free performance. 

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Problem 2: Faulty Sensors

Faulty throttle position sensors can be the reason for your gmc sierra stalling problems. 

If your throttle position sensors go bad, they also make your throttle body improper. The throttle body will not close properly or stay shut, which is a severe problem.

Throttle sensors are responsible for fuel consumption and the amount of torque produced. So the failure of throttle sensors functioning can stall your gmc sierra.


If you see the throttle position sensors have a problem, you must fix the problem for smooth functioning. You can go for the repair if the sensors have little damage. If damage is not clear, reprogramming can also solve the problem.

But if you see the throttle position sensors are badly damaged, replace them to avoid future problems. 

When it comes to replacing with the new one, then I hope choosing Evan-Fischer Throttle Position Sensor for GMC Sierra wouldn’t be a wrong choice. It comes with one-year mileage warranty coverage. 

You can find them on the shaft or butterfly spindle. This is available at AUTO PARTS GIANT Store.  

Problem 3: Fuel Issues

You may have several fuel issues that may cause gmc sierra stalling problems. The most common fuel issues are no fuel, bad or old fuel injectors, and air-fuel mixtures.

You should check for the fuel when you experience gmc sierra stalling problems. Water in the fuel may restrict proper combustion. You may have an air mixture function off or a problem with your fuel injectors. You must check for all these problems.


If you see gmc sierra suddenly running very rough, you should check for the bad fuel. If fuel is bad, remove all the fuel and fill it with correct and fresh fuel.

Vacuum leakage and bad sensor readings are some of the symptoms that your air-fuel mixture function is not working correctly. Repair the leakage or replace the vacuum.

Your Sierra suddenly stalls? Most probably, you have no fuel. Check the tank and refill it if there is no fuel.

If everything is okay, you should check the fuel injectors. Make sure they are supplying the correct amount of fuel. Adjust it if the fuel supply is improper.

Problem 4: Malfunctioning of engine timing

If you have faulty engine timing, your gmc sierra may stall. You may have engine timing off, improper, or misfire. The most common causes for engine timing malfunctioning can be VVT problems and timing chain jumps.

You may experience gmc sierra stalling problems if it happens to you. So you need to check for engine timing when troubleshooting the gmc sierra stalling problem.


The first check for the VVT problem, VVT stands for Variable valve timing. If the variable valve timing disturbs your engine can not receive proper power; ultimately, it may stall.

Adjusting the timing is not a complex task. You can adjust it easily after reading the gmc sierra user manual.

Checking and fixing the timing chain that jumped is very complex. You will need to disassemble the engine parts. So, only professionals can handle it. But some symptoms can make you know you have a problem with the timing chain.

Some common symptoms are engine misfire, rattling sound, and engine performance quickly downsides. Once confirmed, you can call a professional mechanic to fix the problem.

Problem 5: Dirty Throttle Body

The dirty Throttle body can be the culprit for the gmc sierra’s stalling problems. If your gmc sierra has a dirty throttle body, it can affect its performance in many ways. You may face poor fuel economy, rough idling, sluggish acceleration, and stalling.


Check for the throttle body; it is located between the engine’s intake manifold and the air cleaner. It is a metal made, mostly aluminum, connected with the gas pedal or flexible cable.

If the throttle body is dirty and contains fuel or other materials residuals. You should clean it. Cleaning the throttle body is a lot simpler. 

You can use cleaning products such as Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner to clean and get rid of stalling problems.

Problem 6: No or Low oil level

No or low oil level is the most occurring problem that may cause gmc sierra stalling problems. Lubrication problems start when you have low or no oil in the tank. Ultimately your engine and nearest parts start damaged.

You need immediate action to protect your gmc sierra engine. If you have gmc sierra stalling problems, you must check the oil level to get rid of the problem.

Solution 6:

Check the oil tank, remove the oil tank cap and check the oil level using a gauge, for example, Faria F22014 Multifunction Gauge.

 If the oil level of the gmc Sierra is below the recommended level or there is no oil, immediately refill the tank. While refilling the tank, ensure you fill it with proper and recommended grade oil.

Still Got Questions?

What are the most common causes for 2010 gmc sierra stalling problems?

You can face several problems with stalling. But the most common causes for 2010 gmc sierra stalling are bad gas or no or low oil level.

What are the most common problems with the 2014 gmc sierra?

The most common problems with the 2014 gmc sierra are lights, AC, engine heating, brakes, engine stalling, and electrical issues. But among all of these brake problems are reported more than all others.

Causes for 2010 gmc Acadia stalling problems?

The most common causes for 2010 gmc Acadia stalling problems are faulty air intake, a flawed fuel system, and a malfunctioning ignition system.

How can you diagnose your gmc Sierra engine stall?

You can use the engine spark tester between the good grounds and plug boot. If you see the tester light up, the engine gets a spark. But if it is not light, then your engine is stalled. You can check this video.

Final verdict

There are several reasons behind the gmc sierra stalling problems. First, ensure the gmc sierra engine is stalled by using the spark tester.

If confirmed, then go for the diagnosis of the problem and fix it accordingly (I mentioned above). Don’t forget to take an expert’s help if you feel a problem.

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