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As a Ford integrated trailer owner, you know the importance of a reliable trailer brake controller. However, even the most dependable systems can sometimes encounter problems. Driving with Ford-integrated trailer brake controller problems is very risky. It needs immediate fixation. But a question comes to my mind how to troubleshoot Ford integrated trailer brake controller problems?

Identify the specific issue, such as EOH failure, blown fuse, brakes failing to engage, faulty switch, or no braking response. Once identified, go for the corresponding solution. You may need to check for damage, replace parts, or adjust settings. Do not forget to test the brake controller before finishing the job.

Stay tuned; I will explore some common issues with Ford integrated trailer brake controllers and guide how to troubleshoot them effectively. Let’s get started.

What is an Integrated Trailer Brake Controller?

An integrated trailer brake controller is an essential part built into a vehicle’s braking system to control the brakes on a trailer. It allows the driver to adjust the brake pressure on the trailer from inside the vehicle. It ensures that the trailer brakes are synchronized with the vehicle brakes, providing more efficient and safer stopping power. 

The integrated brake controller senses the vehicle’s braking motion and applies the trailer’s brakes at the same time. It is beneficial when towing heavy loads. It prevents the trailer from pushing the vehicle forward when stopping. Ultimately, it reduces wear and tear on the brakes.

Common Problem for Ford Integrated Trailer Brake Controller

There can be several problems with Ford integrated trailer brake controller not working. But here are the top 4 most occurring problems:

  1. EOH failure
  2. Checked fuse is not registering
  3. Brakes failing to engage
  4. Faulty Integrated trailer brake controller switch 
  5. Brake controller declined to work

Ford Integrated trailer brake controller problems: Problems & Solution

Ford Integrated Trailer Brake Controller Problems
Ford Integrated Trailer Brake Controller Problems

Symptoms For Brake Controller Problems in Ford Integrated Trailer:

Here is the list of some common symptoms for brake controller issues in Ford Integrated Trailer:

  • Inconsistent Brake Response
  • Frequent overheating of the Brake System 
  • Trailer Brake Lights are not Functioning
  • Uneven Braking
  • No Braking Response

Problem 1: EOH Failure

The EOH system applies and controls the trailer brakes using an electric signal. It can be the culprit for the Integrated trailer brake controller F150 issue.  You need to fix it to get rid of the problem.

EOH system failure is also a common problem for the brake controller not working with the pedal.

Solution 1:

  1. First, check the brake lines and hoses for any signs of leakage or damage. If any issues are found, replace them.
  2. Then check for the brake fluid level; if it is low, refill it.
  3. Next, check the wiring connections between the controller and the trailer’s hydraulic brakes. Ensure they are properly connected and there are no loose or corroded connections.
  4. If the problem still exists, then the EOH actuator may be faulty and needs to be replaced. I recommend Dorman 600-101 4WD Actuator. It is a good-quality actuator that is compatible with many heavy trailers.
  5. Once replaced, test the brake controller and ensure it is working fine. 

Problem 2: Checked Fuse is Not Registering

The fuse is responsible for powering the brake controller. If it is blown, brake controller may stop working. So, you should check for the fuse and ensure it is okay. 

A faulty fuse is also a common cause for reverse brake and both front brake calipers not releasing problems.

Solution 2:

  1. First, look for the brake controller fuse. In the Ford trailer, it is mounted inside the fuse box. The fuse box is inside the engine compartment or under the dashboard.
  2. After finding the fuse box, look at the diagram on the fuse box. You can easily identify the fuse for the brake controller.
  3. Now check for the fuse; if it is blown, pull it out and install the new one.
  4. Test the brake controller and ensure it is working fine.

Problem 3: Brakes Failing To Engage

You may also see brake controller error codes on your display when the brake is not engaging. There are several reasons for brakes failing to engage. Check for all possible causes and fix accordingly to get rid of the problem. Otherwise, you will continue to experience brake controller problems.

Solution 3:

  1. Check the brake controller display; look for error messages or warnings. You can indicate a problem with the system.
  2. Next, check for the brake fluid level, check the reservoir, and add more fluid if needed.
  3. Check the brake pads and rotors. If they are faulty, they can prevent the brakes from engaging. Replace the pads or rotor if needed.
  4. Then check the brake lines. Damaged or blocked brake lines can prevent the brakes from engaging. Arrange for the cleaning or replacing them as needed. I recommend Dorman 919-170 Stainless Steel Brake Line. It is excellent and compatible with all Ford trailer models.

It may help you clean the brake lines: Can you use brake cleaner as starting fluid?

Problem 4: Faulty Integrated Trailer Brake Controller Switch

A faulty brake controller switch is also a common cause of brake controller problems. Its failure makes the brake controller switch powerless. Ultimately, the brake controller fails to perform its functions.

Solution 4:

  1. Locate the brake controller switch; in Ford trailers, it is usually located on the dashboard or center console.
  2. Remove the switch from its mount.
  3. Inspect the switch for any visible damage, such as corrosion or loose wiring.
  4. If the switch is damaged, replace it with a new one. I recommend GM Genuine Parts 84108373 Black Trailer Brake Control Switch. It is easy to install and replace. You will find it compatible with all Ford trailer models.
  5. Once the switch is installed, test the brake controller to ensure it works properly.

Problem 5: No Braking Response

You may also experience brake controller problems. If the brakes fail to respond, There are several reasons for brake failure. Check for all possible causes and fix them to get your brake controller back to work.

Solution 5:

  1. First, check the brake controller settings to ensure they are correctly configured. If the setting has an issue, reconfigure it.
  2. Then inspect the trailer brake wiring and connections for any damage or lose connections. If connections are loose, tighten them. 
  3. Check the brake fluid level in the tow vehicle to ensure it is not low. If it is low, refill it.
  4. Now test the brakes to enable the brake controller to work properly.

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brake controller error codes

How to Activate Ford Trailer Brake Controller?

To activate the Ford trailer brake controller, follow the steps below:

  1. Plug the trailer into the vehicle’s trailer hitch.
  2. Turn the ignition to the on position.
  3. Locate the trailer brake controller switch on the dashboard. It is usually located to the left of the steering wheel.
  4. Press and hold the brake pedal, then press and hold the controller switch until the controller’s display screen turns on.
  5. Release the brake pedal and adjust the controller’s gain setting to your desired level using the “+” and “-” buttons.
  6. Test the brake controller’s functionality by engaging the brakes on the trailer.

How to Do Ford Trailer Brake Controller Settings?

To do Ford trailer brake controller settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the trailer to the Ford vehicle using a compatible wiring harness.
  2. Turn on the Ford vehicle’s ignition and locate the trailer brake controller settings in the system menu.
  3. Access the trailer brake controller settings and adjust the gain or sensitivity level. Make sure the level match to the weight of the trailer being towed.
  4. Test the trailer brake controller by driving slowly and applying the brakes to ensure the brakes work correctly.
  5. Fine-tune the settings until the trailer brakes operate smoothly and effectively.

How to Test Ford Integrated Trailer Brake Controller?

  1. Connect the trailer to the tow vehicle. Ensure that the brake controller is installed correctly and wired.
  2. Then turn on the ignition and activate the brake controller by applying the manual override button.
  3. Verify that the brake controller display shows the level of braking force being applied.
  4. Begin driving slowly and test the brake controller by applying the brakes and observing the trailer’s response. The trailer should slow down smoothly and gradually without any jerking or instability.
  5. Finally, inspect visually to ensure the brake controller is working correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I know if my trailer brake controller is working?

To check the trailer brake controller, first, perform a visual inspection. Make sure all connections are secure and then check for any error codes. Next, conduct a brake test to ensure the brakes function correctly and adjust as necessary.

How do I test a trailer brake signal?

Connect a brake controller to the tow vehicle to test a trailer brake signal. Then plug in the trailer and activate the brake controller. Verify that the brake lights on the trailer come on and that the brakes engage when the brake pedal is pressed.

How to manually test trailer brakes?

To manually test trailer brakes, ensure the trailer is securely connected to the towing vehicle. Then, activate the trailer brake controller. Observe whether the brakes engage and slow down the trailer. Adjust the controller as necessary for optimal braking performance.

How do I adjust brake sensitivity?

To adjust brake sensitivity, locate the brake bias adjuster. Turn it in the desired direction to increase or decrease the sensitivity level. You can also consult your vehicle’s manual for specific instructions and recommendations.


Troubleshooting problems with your Ford integrated trailer brake controller does not have to be a daunting task. If you follow simple instructions, you can easily identify the cause to eliminate the issue. With some patience and know-how, you will be back on the road with your trailer in no time.

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