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A bad ignition switch in a Dodge Ram can destroy your smooth driving experience. If you experience ignition switch problems, it needs immediate attention to ensure stress-free and safe driving. Let’s know how to troubleshoot Doge Ram ignition switch problems. 

The most common causes of ignition switch problems on Dodge Ram vehicles are malfunctioning relays or ignition switches. To fix the problem, you might have to replace the switch or relay. Nevertheless, there could be additional problems with the ignition control module, worn-out key, and wiring harness. 

Stay tuned to learn and fix the ignition switch problems on your Dodge Ram.

Symptoms of Dodge Ram Ignition Switch Problems

The symptoms of a bad ignition switch on a Dodge Ram can vary from person to person. However, here are a few possible symptoms that you may experience.

One common problem everyone encounters when they have problems with the ignition switch is difficulty starting the engine.

  • You are on the road, but suddenly, your engine stalls
  • Power loss, such as flickering dashboard lights or accessories. 
  • Engine misfires when accelerating inconsistent electrical problems
  • Key stuck issues when turning
  • Warning lights on the dashboard 

Causes of Dodge Ram Ignition Switch Problems

If you have a problem with your Dodge Ram ignition switch, you must check for the following problems.

  • Faulty ignition switch
  • Worn-out ignition key
  • Ignition control module failure
  • Wiring harness issues
  • Faulty ignition relay

Dodge Ram Ignition Switch Problems And Solution

Dodge Ram ignition switch problems
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Problem 1: Faulty Ignition Switch

A damaged ignition switch is one of the major causes. If it is faulty, it will fail to perform its functions, and you may fail to start the engine. It can be due to broken parts on the ignition switch that need repair or replacement.


  • When your vehicle has problems starting, park it at a safe place and disconnect the battery. Ensure no power is running to the Ignition Switch electrical components.
  • Then remove the steering column cover, and you will see the ignition switch mounted with bolts. Unscrew these bolts. 
  • Now, remove the ignition switch.
  • Check and ensure it is damaged.
  • Now, take a new ignition switch. I recommend the Dorman 924-729 Ignition Switch for your Dodge Ram.
  • Mount the new ignition switch and secure it properly. Then, take out the steering column cover and reconnect the battery terminals.
  • Insert the key and test it. Ensure the engine is starting correctly and there is no issue with the ignition switch.

Problem 2: Worn-Out Ignition Key

Worn-Out Ignition Key
The car mechanic trying to start but not working. Dodge Ram’s worn-out ignition key. Discover solutions to keep your ride smooth and trouble-free. Drive confidently!

Worn-out ignition keys can lead to ignition switch problems. The key won’t turn properly and fail to ignite. It happens if your key is bent or broken.


  • Check your key to ensure it is okay.
  • You will need a duplicate key if the key is bent or broken.
  • Check for the duplicate key; if you don’t have a duplicate key, call a professional locksmith service.
  • If you are not in a hurry, you can also get service from a Dodge Ram dealership.
  • Once you get the duplicate key, you must check and ensure it is working properly.

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Problem 3: Ignition Control Module Failure

Dodge Ram Ignition Control Module Failure

The ignition control module manages the Ignition timing and ignition process. If it fails, it can disrupt the ignition system on Dodge Ram. You may experience erratic engine starts or ignition switch problems.


  • Locate the ignition control module; in Dodge Ram, it is usually located near the distributor or ignition coil.
  • Disconnect the ignition control module wires and then unscrew its bolts.
  • Remove it and physically inspect it. Ensure there is no damage, if there is damage. You will need to replace it. I recommend Standard Motor Products Ignition Module Control for your Dodge Ram.
  • Mount the new ignition control module, secure it with bolts, and reconnect its wires.
  • Now, take a test and ensure the ignition switch is working.

Problem 4: Wiring Harness Issues

If the wiring harnesses are loose, it may disrupt the electric power supply to the ignition switch and spark. So, you need to check for the wiring harnesses and ensure there is no damage or loose connection issues.


  • Ensure your Dodge Ram is turned off and the battery is disconnected.
  • Now remove the steering column cover and access the ignition switch. 
  • Unscrew its bolts and pull the ignition switch. Now check for the wiring harness on its back. Make sure the wires are running through properly.
  • However, if you see loose connections, tighten them. On the other hand, if the issue is broken wires, replace them.
  • Once done, reassemble the ignition switch and then the steering column cover. 
  • Turn the ignition key and ensure it is working okay.

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Problem 5: Faulty Ignition Relay

Faulty Ignition Relay
An expert mechanic is replacing a faulty ignition relay. Swift solutions for a smoother start. Trust the professionals!

The ignition relay delivers a consistent power supply to the ignition system. If the relay is faulty, it may fail, and the overall ignition system may go down. You need to check for the relay and fix the issue.


  • Disconnect the battery and then check for the relay.
  • The relay is mounted in the fuse box. Read the instructions on the box and find the ignition switch relay.
  • Pull out the relay and physically inspect it. If it is faulty, you will need its replacement.
  • Take a new relay of the same amperage and mount it in its place. 
  • Now close the fuse box and reconnect the battery.
  • Test and ensure the problem has been fixed

Dodge Ram 2500 Key Fob Stuck in Ignition

dodge ram key fob stuck in Ignition

Uh! It’s very frustrating when your key fob is stuck in the ignition. If it happens, do not worry; follow the steps below and fix it.

  • Switch off your Dodge Ram 2500 and engage the parking brakes.
  • Then, disconnect the battery to prevent electrical hazards.
  • Take a small flathead screwdriver and gently pry the key fob out of the ignition. Do not pry it quickly; otherwise, you may damage it.
  • Once the key fob is removed, start the vehicle and ensure no issues are present.

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Dodge Ram Ignition Switch Replacement

If your ignition switch needs replacement, here are the detailed guidelines for replacing it on a Dodge Ram.

  • First, unscrew the switch after removing the steering column cover.
  • Once unscrewed, pull it and disconnect its wires.
  • Now that the ignition switch is free remove it and set it aside.
  • Take your new ignition switch compatible with the Dodge Ram and mount it on the old ignition switch.
  • Make sure the bolts are correctly secured and connections are also okay.
  • Put back the steering column cover and take a test by starting the engine to ensure problem removal.

Dodge Ram Ignition Switch Replacement Cost:

The cost of the ignition switch varies from mechanic to mechanic and region-wise. It is also affected by the replacement parts. However, its minimum cost can be $174, while the maximum can be $300 or more.

Dodge Ram Ignition Switch Recall

The ignition switch recall facility is now available on most advanced cars. Like other quality vehicles, Dodge Ram also offers ignition switch recall service on its vehicles for customers. It is easy to use this service.

  • Visit the website and apply for the recall. Provide your VIN for verification.
  • Once verified, they will give you a schedule for the recall service.
  • Bring your vehicle to the Dodge Ram dealership to get the service for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long does an ignition switch last?

The life of an ignition switch can vary depending on its quality and use. However, the ignition switch can easily last decades if used carefully. However, a low-quality switch can become faulty only after its first use.

Is it bad to drive with a bad ignition switch?

Surely, it is very frustrating to drive with a bad ignition switch. You are always at risk of an engine stall. It is also risky, and you may face severe accidents if it suddenly stops on the road. So, always drive with a good ignition switch.

Can I replace the ignition switch myself?

Yes, you can replace the ignition switch, but make sure you have proper instructions and basic mechanical skills. Otherwise, call for professional assistance to prevent severe damage.

Is there a fuse for the ignition?

It depends on the vehicle model, but nowadays, all modern vehicles have a fuse for the ignition switch. You can easily locate it in the fuse box. Read the instructions on the fuse box or the manual for the exact location.


Fixing an ignition switch is essential because it directly impacts the vehicle’s performance and safety. If you are facing ignition switch issues on your Dodge Ram, follow the instructions above and fix them. It will save time and money.

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