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You have switched on your chevy equinox Bluetooth, but it is not working. If yes, then your Chevy equinox Bluetooth falls in a technical problem and you need to fix it. But do you know how to fix chevy equinox Bluetooth not working?

Fixing the chevy equinox Bluetooth is simple. First, check the basic functions such as pairing, airplane mood, Bluetooth disabling, and settings. If everything is okay, check for drivers update, pairing, service, and reinstallation to fix the issue. 

However, there are a lot more things related to the troubleshooting process such as what are the reasons and how to properly connect chevy equinox Bluetooth stopped working? Stay tuned here; you will find answers to your questions in the below blog.

Why Is My Chevy Equinox Bluetooth not working? Possible reasons?

Why Is My Chevy Equinox Bluetooth not working
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When it comes to affording Chevy cars, trucks, crossovers & SUVs, then you must have garaging knowledge to deal with different mechanical issues. 

You might face problems like that its watch camera is not working, brakes might be broken, Bluetooth is not working etc.

As here, I am going to talk about Chevy Equinox Bluetooth issues, lets’ know first why your Chevy Bluetooth is not working

Signal Strength:

It is one of the possible reasons for any Chevy Equinox Bluetooth models.  If you have a 2013 model and you find your 2013 equinox Bluetooth not working, you might check the signal strength.  

You would be unable to connect when signal strength is poor, or you are out of frequency range. Sometimes if you have an incompatible connector or other faulty accessories, then you might get it tough to catch strong signals. 

If you want suitable accessories for your Chevy Bluetooth, you can check out Chevy Chevrolet Equinox Accessories. 

Outdated version:

Another possible reason when you are facing chevy Bluetooth audio not working is that you have an outdated version of Bluetooth that needs updating. 

An incompatible Bluetooth version can also cause chevy mylink Bluetooth to no sound. Both devices will refuse the connection if you have an incompatible Bluetooth version.

Disabled Bluetooth

You have the chevy equinox Bluetooth in your device, but you mistakenly disabled it in the system settings. This can create a bluetooth issue. 

Wrong pairing:

You may have mistakenly paired the Bluetooth with the wrong device. So check and make sure you have the right device in pairing.

Faulty Adapter:

Your Bluetooth adapter may be problematic. If you have a problem with the adapter, you will be unable to connect your chevy equinox Bluetooth.

Radio Stereo Wiring Harness Adapter Connector can be a suitable adapter for your chevy equinox setup. It is more straightforward to set and operate than many other available adapters on the market.

Improper Setting:

You have connected, but your chevy equinox volume is not working; the possible reason can be the wrong radio setting. Check the settings and enable the radio settings for sound.

Also, check the radio, maybe the problem is with the radio system. If you found the radio is out of work, I recommend Android Radio for Chevrolet Chevy Silverado for your chevy equinox Bluetooth setup.

A Guide to troubleshoot chevy equinox Bluetooth not working: 

troubleshoot chevy equinox bluetooth not working
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Let’s talk about some ways or methods to fix the Chevy Equinox Bluetooth issue. 

Easy 6 ways/methods to troubleshoot Bluetooth issue:

Method 1: Try some basic Fixes

You often resolve the issue by doing some basic fixes. Let’s try these to recover chevy Bluetooth as correctly functioning. 

  • Enable Bluetooth button– Check the Bluetooth button; it should be green. If you see the button is greyed, it means Bluetooth is disconnected. Enable the Bluetooth if it is disabled.
  • Disable airplane mode– Sometimes, mistakenly, you turn on the airplane mode. So it makes your chevy Bluetooth not work. Check the airplane mode; if it is on, disable it.
  • Restart Bluetooth Radio– The radio is switched off because of other Wi-Fi interruptions. So, check the Bluetooth radio and make sure it is enabled.
  • Check if the device is discoverable– Another possible reason for your chevy equinox bluetooth is not working can be the discoverable devices. 

They have software that may take your bluetooth as a private connection and does not allow connection .It may disappear because of anti-virus on other devices.

Method 2: Update the Bluetooth device driver

You have found your chevy equinox Bluetooth in problems though everything is fine then it’s good to check for the Bluetooth device driver. 

If you have an outdated driver, then update it. Go for the device manager and click on it. Now click on the update drivers and wait till the update is complete.

Method 3: Reinstall the Bluetooth device.

If the device drivers are updated, then it is possible that your old model Bluetooth is not available because of a software problem. 

It is the best solution if you uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth. So go to the panel, uninstall the Bluetooth device and then reinstall it.

Method 4: Check for Bluetooth service

Check for the Bluetooth service; maybe the Bluetooth service is not working. Go to the start menu and check for service. msc. Uninstall the service and reinstall it again to access the chevy Bluetooth service.

Method 5: Repair the device

Check for the pairing; you have more devices on pairing that sometimes make it hard to connect. So go to pairing mode, delete the device, and pair it again to access the functions.

Method 6: Run the troubleshooter.

You have checked but did not find the problem? No worries go to the start button and check the settings. After that,  find the troubleshooter and run it to find the problem. Once you have found the problem, fix it.

How to connect Bluetooth to a chevy equinox?

connect Bluetooth to a chevy equinox
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Connecting Chevy equinox to Bluetooth is pretty straightforward. Follow the below steps to connect Bluetooth. 

Steps to Follow- How to connect phone Chevy equinox?

  • Go to your phone settings and then the Bluetooth menu to find the devices. 
  • Search for the devices in your Bluetooth setup.
  • Go to your chevy equinox setup and click on Phone
  • Then check the available devices on your phone
  • Once the device is shown on your phone, click on that chevy equinox
  • Enters the passcode on the chevy equinox screen and press pair
  • Once you have paired, everything will be streamed on chevy equinox

Chevy equinox won’t delete Bluetooth device

It’s quite easy to delete a Bluetooth device from your Chevy Equinox. Some drivers don’t know the process and wonder why Chevy MyLink won’t delete Bluetooth devices.

Here’s the step-by-step process of deleting a Bluetooth device from Chevy Equinox:

Step 1: Go to phone settings

Start from the home screen on Chevy MyLink. Press the phone icon and then select phone settings.

Step 2: Select Bluetooth

Then from the menu, select Bluetooth. You will see two options, select the device list from here.

Step 3: Delete

Find the device you want to unpair and select it. Then select delete and confirm to delete the Bluetooth device from Chevy Equinox. 

How to reset Bluetooth on the Chevy equinox?

If you need to reset the Bluetooth on chevy equinox, hold down the home button and fast-forward the buttons for ten seconds. It will reset the Bluetooth on chevy equinox, and you can resolve the issue if you have any.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of replacing chevy sonic Bluetooth not working?

An average cost for replacing chevy sonic Bluetooth that needs repairing can be between $25 to 50$.

What are common chevy sonic Bluetooth problems?

Here are some of the major chevy sonic Bluetooth problems.

  • Phone disconnection
  • Distorted or no sound
  • Volume issues
  • Display issues

What are chevy volt Bluetooth problems?

Users may experience the following chevy volt Bluetooth problems.

  • Instrument cluster flickering
  • Charging cables overheating
  • Blacking out altogether
  • Faulty fuses
  • Sound distortion

What are some common 2009 chevy Malibu Bluetooth problems?

You may experience the following common issues in a 2009 chevy malibu Bluetooth.

  • The Bluetooth button suddenly stop working
  • Pairing takes a lot of time even device is closer
  • Charging cables quickly heats up
  • Display start flickering
  • Volume distortion

Final Verdict

Whenever your Chevy equinox Bluetooth is unavailable, identify and fix the problem. Start with essential problem identification and then go for further solutions. If you still cannot replace the issue, you may need professional services or a replacement of Chevy equinox Bluetooth.

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