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Driving with a punctured tire can be challenging. Placing a spare tire on the front can be an excellent solution to distribute the weight more evenly. But can you put a spare tire on the front?

Placing a spare tire on the front can be a good option for short distances. It may help to distribute the weight evenly to improve the balance. But in the long run, it is not a good option. However, putting a spare tire on the back is better than on the front.

You may need clarification about putting the spare tire in front because it has limited capabilities. No worries; I will provide useful information to make choosing where to put the front tire simply. Let’s start a discussion.

Can You Put a Spare Tire on the Front?

can you put a spare tire on the front

Putting a spare tire on your vehicle’s front is not very risky, but it is not recommended. Only emergencies should be used with the spare tires. So, they may not be as perfect as regular tires. They may also be weaker in handling and traction capabilities than regular tires.

If you place a spare tire on the front, it will directly impact the brakes and steering. So, it may make your vehicle unsafe and less stable. 

It is better to check for the spare tire and compare its features with the conditions when installing it on the front. Only put a spare tire on when you do not have much load. Putting it on the rear of the vehicle instead of the front is better.

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Can You Put a Spare Tire on the Back? 

Can You Put a Spare Tire on the Back

Yes, it is better than putting a spare tire in front. People assume that the front side does not carry the load, so there is no need for a heavy tire on the front, and a spare tire will work well. But they are wrong. The front tire’s performance directly impacts the vehicle’s performance during the drive.

If you need to put a spare tire on the back, placing it there will help you maintain better control when turning or applying sudden brakes. If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, then it is necessary to place a spare tire on the back to ensure better stability and traction. 

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Can You Put Two Spare Tires on a Car?

You may use it, but there are safer choices. Experts recommend only having one spare tire at a time on a car. Every car is designed to support only one spare tire. Adding two spare tires may lead to uneven weight distribution and affect your vehicle’s handling and balance. 

Furthermore, installing an extra spare tire will increase the weight, affecting fuel efficiency and putting extra strain on your car’s suspension system.

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Can You Put a Spare Tire on a Bent Rim?

It may be possible in some conditions, but it could be better. A slightly bent rim may be compatible with a spare tire. However, bending more may cause tire pressure issues, and you may experience reduced handling and uneven wear. 

So, before adding an extra tire, you must thoroughly check the rim. If bent, repair or replace it and place a spare tire to ensure smooth and safe performance.

Which Side of the Spare Tire Faces Out?

Identifying which side of a spare tire faces out is pretty simple. Check for your spare tire; the sidewall with the white lettering or branding usually faces outward. 

Most tire brands follow that convention; however, you should read the instructions carefully if you have a new one. 

But if you have a tire that does not have instructions about facing outside, no worries; the tread side should face outward. 

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Alternatives to Putting a Spare Tire on the Front 

put a spare tire in front

You may need to put a spare tire in front for better traction and balance, but are you worried about the risks? You still have options besides mounting a spare tire on the front, so do not be concerned. 

Place on the Back:

As discussed earlier, placing a spare tire on the back is a safe option. You can drive thousands of miles without facing a problem by placing a spare tire on the back. It will help improve balance and traction.

Apply Tire Sealant:

The modern tire sealant kit may help you temporarily repair the punctures so you can continue driving without installing a spare tire for a few miles. However, they are only beneficial if you have small punctures.

Tire Towing Solutions:

If you travel longer distances, towing another trailer may also help distribute the weight. It may ensure a smooth drive. It can be an excellent alternative to putting a spare tire on the front.

Run Flat Tires:

If you have old tires or the distance to the service station is minor, you can continue with flat tires instead of placing spare tires in front. However, it may cause fatigue because the pressure will increase.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you drive with a donut on the front? 

Yes, you can drive with a donut on the front. However, it could be better for long distances or high speeds. You can rely on the donut for temporary needs or emergencies because it has limited capabilities to handle the challenges.

What to do if the spare tire is not moving? 

If your spare tire is not moving, you have two solutions. First, apply the lubricant and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes. Try it after a couple of minutes. If it is still not moving, take a rubber mallet, hit it gently, and try to move it. But if the issue persists, call a professional.

How long can you run with a spare tire on the front? 

It is not a permanent solution, so avoid driving with a spare tire for longer distances. The spare tires are designed for short distances, so only drive up to 50 miles with a spare tire on the front.

What is the best position for a spare tire? 

The car’s rear side is the best place to put a spare tire. It ensures improvements in traction and handling during the drive. However, make sure the spare tire’s condition is good. 


Placing a spare tire on the front can help you drive safely in emergencies. However, it is not an ideal option for permanent use. 

If needed, try to place it on the back; however, many other alternatives exist for putting a spare tire on the front. 

You can try any of these if the service station is far from you. Anyhow, whatever solution you adopt, never compromise your safety.

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