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Windshield Tint helps us to ensure a comfortable and safe sitting inside the vehicle. However, due to different specifications and legality, you may be confused about which one to use. 70 windshield tint is most recommended for windshields.

It ensures a balance of visibility, keeps the inside temperature moderate, protects from UV rays, and adds aesthetic appeal. However, there may be legality issues in different states, and it may cause poor visibility at night.

Join me to learn about 70 windshield tint before and after. I will explore helpful information to assist you in choosing your windshield tint.

How Much is 70 Window Tint?

70 window tint is commonly used in automobiles for acquiring a specific level of darkness inside the vehicle. The number 70, used in window tint, expresses the tint strength to allow light inside the vehicle. A 70-window tint allows 70% light inside and blocks the remaining 30%.

It ensures protection from sunlight and keeps the inside safe from heat and UV rays. 70 window tint is not considered reliable for safety because it is transparent, and you can view it on both sides. However, you may attain some secrecy when applying. 70% window tint maintains a good balance of heat protection and visibility. Due to good balance, they are very famous among the drivers. 

You have many options to choose from the market in 70 percent specification, but here I recommend you one of the best 70 window tints. Install 70 TOYOCO Window Tint on your vehicle. It ensures good heat and scratch resistance that makes it long-lasting.

70 Windshield Tint Before and After

70 windshield tint before and after
70% windshield tint

The 70 windshield tint is recommended for darkening your inside to prevent UV rays, heat and maintain privacy. Manufacturers claim that 70 windshield tints are transparent and cannot identify, but they allow only 70 % light and protect 30% sunlight.

Customers have good reviews for 70 windshield tints. Many customers said they experienced a positive impact after installing window tint. It prevents them from sunlight, keeps the inside temperature moderate, and adds to the aesthetic.

However, some users complain that their visibility is reduced at night, making driving hard. Some also reported that 70 window tint is not allowed in their state, and they face a penalty after installing.

Overall, it is an excellent choice that meets the claims. However, before installing, you should check for your state law about 70 window tint.

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The Advantages of 70% Windshield Tinting

Advantages of 70% Windshield Tinting

Window tinting brings many benefits. However, when talking about 70 windows, we have the following advantages after applying it.

  • UV rays can harm your skin, eyes and create heat inside the vehicle. But a 70% window tint ensures complete protection from UV rays to keep you safe.
  • Glare during driving can harm you if you strain your eyes. But 70 window tinting protects you completely from direct sunlight or oncoming headlights. It will improve visibility and make your drive safe.
  • Heat makes your sitting uncomfortable, especially in summer. If you have 70% tinting, it will reflect the solar heat and keep the inside temperature moderate.
  • You can view the outside clearly, but it maintains your inside privacy. Usually, it is considered a transparent tint, but it can ensure good privacy.
  • Alongside protection, 70 tint also improves your vehicle’s look and aesthetics.
  • You may also save a few dollars that you spend on extra fuel for AC due to heat
  • Sunlight can damage your vehicle’s interiors, such as seats or other items’ color and quality. Protecting from sunlight can protect your inside items from sunlight harm.

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The Process of Installing 70% Windshield Tint

Installing 70% windshield tint is not a complex task. If you follow the steps below, you can install them perfectly yourself. 

  • First, gather the required materials to finish your job quickly and smoothly. You will need a good quality 70% windshield tint, a squeegee, a utility knife, a spray bottle, soapy water, a clean cloth, and a heat gun. You should have a good heat gun for better application of tint. I recommend SEEKONE Heat Gun for window tinting.
  • Once you have gathered all the required tools and materials, clean your windshield and ensure the surface is smooth.
  • Cut the tint film according to the required length, but ensure the length overlaps the dimensions.
  • Now spray it with soapy water and then apply the window tint. Ensure there are no air bubbles in the film.
  • While installing it over the windshield, ensure the alignment is proper.
  • Anyhow, if there you see bubbles remove the excessive water using the squeegee
  • Trim the excessive film with the utility knife carefully
  • After that, use a heat gun to conform the film to the windshield shape
  • Wait to roll down the window until the tint becomes dry. It may take an hour to dry.

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Maintenance and Care of 70% Windshield Tinting 

  • Cleaning can enhance your window tint life and maintain its performance. So ensure its proper cleaning using a soft and non-abrasive cloth. Clean it with soapy water and ensure there is no dirt or debris.
  • Avoid using chemicals or materials that may damage the window tint.
  • When you are wiping the window tint, wipe it gently. Never apply too much force; it may cause scratches on the surface. Avoid horizontal rubbing because it can cause distortion.
  • Keep sharp objects, such as knives, etc, away from the windshield.
  • Be cautious when loading, unloading, or opening the windshield.

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Legal Considerations of 70% Windshield Tinting

When it comes to tinting your windshield, legal consideration is a must to avoid untoward events. Different states have different rules regarding window tinting percentages. When installing 70 % window tint, you will be happy to know it is legal in most states. However, you should check your State rules before installing.

  • The States apply legal restrictions due to several reasons. Here are a few reasons for legal consideration.
  • Yours and others on the road can be at risk due to your window tint. If you apply a thick window tint, it may affect visibility, particularly at night. So, you may experience a severe accident due to poor visibility.
  • There is also a risk for the state for identification because criminals may use tints to hide their identity.
  • Emergencies need quick recognition of the people inside the vehicle, but it may become tough due to tinting.
  • You may face a penalty if you apply tinting without considering its legal aspect. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long does 70% windshield tinting last?  

There is no exact answer to that question because it depends on several factors, such as quality and environment. However, if maintained well, a 70 window tint lasts 3 to 5 years.

Is it safe to tint the front windshield?

Yes, you can tint the front windshield but only with a 90-window tint. Windshield tints beyond 90 are not allowed and affect the visibility level. Poor visibility may increase the risk of accidents. Never apply a window tint other than 90 window tint.

Is 70 windshield tint legal in Texas? 

No, in Texas, 70 windshields are not allowed. The state allows only those tints that reflect only 25% of sunlight, and more than 70% should pass. However, you can get permission from the government if allowed. Otherwise, avoid using it.

How much does the front windshield tint cost?

The cost of front windshield tint can vary depending on window tint quality, brand, and specifications. However, the average cost for front windshield tinting can be between $100 to $300. If you choose high-quality ceramic or infrared tints, it may be more expensive. At the same time, the basic dyed tints are more affordable. 


Installing 70 windshield tints on your windshield can improve your driving experience and safety. Usually, it can not be identified because it is very transparent. But before installing it, you should check for legality to avoid penalty. It also requires regular cleanliness and maintenance. Otherwise, it may damage and cause poor visibility and heat issues.

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