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2014 Silverado transmission fluid has two major purposes: to ensure frictionless movement of metal parts and keep your vehicle cool. But when outside particles are mixed, it fails to complete their prime functions. Ultimately your 2014 Silverado performance is affected. So, it is a must to change the 2014 Silverado transmission fluid. But do you know how to change the 2014 Silverado transmission fluid

To change the transmission fluid, arrange the required tools and park the 2014 Silverado in a safe place. Pull the vehicle on the jack, place the fluid drain pan underneath and open the transmission pan to drain the fluid. Insert the funnel, refill the transmission pan with fresh fluid, and take a test ride.

Do not worry when you notice warning signs. Transmission fluid change is an easy job. Let’s know the overall step-by-step procedures. 

When to change transmission fluid 2014 Silverado?

Chevy Silverado comes in two type’s automatic and manual transmission systems.  If you have an automatic transmission 2014 Silverado, you can change between 30000 to 60000 miles.

But manual transmission fluid can last for a longer time. You have the option to change it between 60000 to 90000 miles.

What is the suitable time to change the transmission fluid? Check for the transmission fluid every time you experience increased friction and overheat. If the transmission fluid is low or bad, you must change or flush it irrespective of mileage count.

If you have a low-quality transmission fluid or use Silverado on rough roads, you may need quick changes. Check for the transmission fluid and change it if needed.

2014 Silverado transmission fluid type

2014 Silverado transmission fluid type

All 2014 Silverado do not require the same transmission fluid. You must check the label to know what type of transmission fluid you must buy. 

2014 Silverado 1500 Oil type is manual and automatic transmission fluid. You have multiple options, including automatic and manual transmission fluid for your Chevy Silverado.

My recommendation for automatic transmission fluid is Automatic Transmission Fluid by ACDelcoIt can be used for gaskets, filters, and other transmission lines. You will find it helpful to keep your vehicle cool for maximum mileage of up to 60000 miles.

If you need Manual transmission fluid for your 2014 Chevy Silverado, I recommend Manual Transmission fluid by ACDelco.  

It is a high-quality manual transmission fluid that ensures protection for transmission parts. It ensures excellent performance even in cold areas.

2014 Silverado transmission fluid capacity

The Chevy Silverado has excellent transmission fluid capacity. 2014 Silverado transmission fluid capacity is up to 11.2 quartz for fluid change. But for the transmission fluid flush, it can be between 12 to 14 quartz.

2014 Silverado transmission fluid change: Step-by-Step Guide

2014 Silverado transmission fluid change

The transmission fluid change task is a time taking but easy task. You may not find it much different for the 2014 Silverado than other vehicles. 

Follow my simple step-by-step guidelines and change the transmission fluid for the 2104 Silverado at home.

Things You Need:

Before setting out for the work, you must have the essential tools and materials. So first arrange all required tools and materials for smooth completion of the job.

Car Jack

You will need to pull the car because you will need to place a drain pan underneath to collect the old transmission fluid. 

My recommendation is BIG RED T10152 Torin Steel Scissor Jack. It is made of high-quality material with the capacity to carry heavy loads.

Glove & Safety Glasses: 

You must have gloves for hands protection and safety glasses to protect your eyes while working.

Socket Wrench

You will need to remove the bolts for the transmission fluid pan and other accessories, so a socket wrench is also a must tool.


Arrange for a funnel to safely pour the transmission fluid into the transmission fluid pan.

Transmission fluid

The final material is the transmission fluid. Get any of the recommended according to transmission line type, manual or automatic.

Drain Pan

A drain pan is also a must to safely collect and dispose of the old transmission fluid. 

Change Transmission Fluid for the 2014 Chevy Silverado- Step by Step

Step 1: Park your Vehicle

First of all, park your car in a safe place. It is best to have a DIY workshop; otherwise, you can park it in an airy place. Your lawn or any other suitable place is best.

Step 2: Pull up the car on the jack

Pull up the car on the jack and make sure it is raised enough. You must raise the car up at least to a height you can easily lie down and work. Once you reach the required height, ensure you have properly applied the locks.

Step 3: Place the Drain Pan

Then place a cloth underneath and the drain pan under the transmission pan. The transmission pan is located in front of the car near the front wheels.

Step 4: Remove the drain pan bolts

Next to that, remove the drain pan bolts. Take the wrench and remove all the bolts one by one.

Step 5: Collect transmission fluid in Pan

Once the bolts are removed, gently pull the cover and allow all the transmission fluid to drain into the drain pan. Please wait until it stops.

Step 6: Check for other parts

After the transmission pan, also check the gasket and filter. Clear all the gaskets and filters. While checking the filter, ensure the transmission fluid filter is fine. If it is bad, replace it with a new one.

Step 7: Pour the fresh transmission fluid

Shake the transmission fluid bottle and open its cap. Then insert the funnel in the transmission pan and pour the transmission fluid. Ensure you have filled it out correctly according to the recommendation.

Step 8: Take a test drive

You must complete the job by testing the performance. Put the bolts back and ensure they are adequately tightened. 

Also, check for leakage; there should be no fluid leakage. If you see the leakage, there may be a loose seal. Replace the seal and make sure there is no leakage.

Once ensured, now take a test drive for a few kilometers. If you notice performance is improved, your job has been done.

2014 Silverado transmission fluid flush

2014 Silverado transmission fluid flush

Many people take it the same as fluid change when it comes to transmission fluid flush. But it is different. The fluid flush and transmission fluid change are almost the same except for one additional step for a transmission flush.

In a transmission fluid change, you have to remove 50 to 60 percent of the old fluid. But in transmission fluid flush, you remove 100 percent transmission fluid. It is not possible to drain 100 percent fluid from transmission lines.

So in transmission fluid flush, you will need a transmission fluid pump to suck all the fluid out. You have many choices to choose from. I recommend Mophorn Flush Machine to flush the transmission fluid from the 2014 Silverado. It works fine with all heavy-duty vehicles.

So when you are doing transmission fluid flush for the 2014 Silverado, connect the flush machine after draining the fluid in the pan. Apply enough pressure to ensure the machine has sucked the old transmission fluid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What should be the 2014 Silverado 1500 oil change schedule?

The schedule can vary depending on your driving routine and the quality of the oil. But experts recommend checking and changing the transmission oil between 30000 to 60000 for automatic transmission. But for manual transmission, change it before 90000 miles.

How much does the 2016 Silverado transmission fluid change cost?

It may cost you up to 70$ for a good quality transmission fluid. Add 50$ more if you take the professional services.

How much time is needed to change the 2014 Silverado 1500 oil change?

It depends on your expertise; if you have the skills, you may only need up to 30 minutes. But a newbie may take 1 hour to finish the job.

 Is it possible 2014 Silverado trans fluid change by myself?

Yes, you can change the transmission fluid. But only do it if you feel confident. If you are poor at technical skills, avoid it.

Should I leave my Silverado idle for the 2014 Silverado 1500 transmission fluid change?

No, it is not a must thing to do. Only let your Silverado idle if you are replacing it in winter or do not drive the vehicle for many days.

Closing Thoughts

You must check for transmission fluid if you notice frequent noises and overheating in your 2014 Silverado model. It should be clean and enough. But if you see the oil is old or less than the recommended level. Refill it or flush it to get rid of the problem.

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